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Your Enterprise Needs the Benefits of PDF Productivity Tool Now


A cloud-integrated PDF productivity and eSigning solution enables teams to access, share, edit, and save documents 24/7/365 no matter where they are working.

Modern workers and forward-thinking organizations can all agree on one thing: Documents aren’t productive, and we all deserve so much more than paper will ever be able to offer, especially when it comes to filling out forms.

A cloud-based, integrated PDF productivity and eSigning solution enables teams to access, share, edit, and save documents 24/7/365 no matter where they are—from Tahiti to Toronto to Tokyo and back again. And the hero of such a solution? The fillable PDF form!

Organizations that say goodbye to paper-based processes like data collection in pen and ink on paper forms and use smart, digital solutions to streamline workflows not only see cost reductions but their workers are happier and more productive, too.

Who Benefits

Everyone benefits from streamlined, paperless—or paper-light—processes. PDF forms are inherently more secure thanks to layers of security and encryption, and they increase productivity, which boosts employee morale. After all, the easier and more stress-free a task is, the happier an employee will be to tackle that task time and time again. It’s a win-win!

Nearly every department at your organization likely has a form of some variety that it uses on a daily basis to collect data. Most of the information collected on these paper forms is sensitive, from social security numbers to other private information. Whether it’s sales collecting information at a tradeshow on a paper form or HR having a new hire fill out the necessary paperwork to onboard, your workers, clients, customers, and vendors deserve to know the information they’re filling in is protected.

Enter the hero of the process-driven workplace: the PDF form.

Benefits of a Productivity Tool

The print, sign, scan dance is responsible for about half of all printing across enterprise organizations, whether those paper forms are contracts or legal agreements. Printing is one of the most costly, least efficient, and least secure types of content workflows. So why does this still happen, and what are the ramifications to your enterprise and its employees?

Typically, only one in 10 knowledge workers have access to PDF productivity tools or an eSigning solution. Document-related challenges saw organizations losing time and productivity at a cost of nearly $20,000 per knowledge worker per year, for a total loss of 21.3 percent of a company’s overall productivity, according to an IDC survey.

At a time when everyone is on board for boosting office productivity, how can you reap the rewards and change the pace of your organization? With a PDF productivity solution like Nitro Pro, you can easily drag-and-drop text boxes and build user-friendly form fields that can be completed quickly and efficiently.

More Secure Forms

PDF forms are more secure than other formats because there are multiple layers—the form layer with all of the fields and an additional layer where the user inputs information. These layers can be merged to secure the form and prevent anyone from tampering with the data entered.

The right PDF productivity solution will also offer redaction, which allows you to permanently remove portions of text or images from a PDF, replacing them with black rectangles. This gives you the ability to remove sensitive information while leaving the rest of the document unaffected so it can be viewed and printed normally.

More Secure Signatures

With Nitro Pro’s QuickSign® tool, you can add your own eSignature to a form directly or leverage the Nitro Cloud integration to get an eSignature or form completion from a colleague, client, customer, or vendor.

Get Started with Nitro

PDF forms and eSigning can replace paper processes and improve turnaround time, meaning time and cost savings. Deliver provable and measurable ROI and accelerate workflows to get signatures on contracts more efficiently. You’ll also save money—on toner, ink, paper, machine maintenance, and more—by reducing the amount of paper you’re printing. Lastly, boost your revenue by avoiding costly legacy solutions and get tons of lost productivity hours back with Nitro Pro’s integrated PDF productivity and eSigning solution.

See how Nitro Pro’s PDF productivity suite fits into your organization’s broader approach to digital transformation in our Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Workplace e-book.