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Why Document Productivity Tools Are a Must for the Digital Workplace

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When it comes to digital transformation, success often depends on having clearly defined goals with productivity tools designed to match them.

The term “digital transformation” has been around for a while now but has become more prevalent since the start of the pandemic. When businesses all over the world had to abruptly shift to remote work, the need for digital transformation accelerated rapidly. In fact, a recent report by Accenture found that enterprises are compressing a decade’s worth of digital transformation into just one to two years. The issue is many companies don’t know where to begin or what tools will help them achieve this quickly.

When it comes to digital transformation, success often depends on having clearly defined goals with productivity tools designed to match them.


Workplace challenges without document productivity tools

Your company might already have some document productivity tools in place, but it likely doesn’t have a single solution that meets a variety of needs—and employees may not use the same software or tools.

This means your workplace isn’t as efficient as it could be. Perhaps some of your team members have mastered use of online document sharing while others are still engaging in an arduous process of printing, signing, and scanning.

Bottom line is: Adding more consistency, standardization, and automation to your workflows will help increase overall productivity and employee satisfaction.


Advantages of document productivity solutions

Adopting a document productivity solution can offer an array of benefits from organizational agility to substantial cost reductions and greater employee efficiency.

Improve your employee and customer experience

The biggest benefit of adopting an enterprise-wide document productivity solution is, of course, increased employee efficiencies and more streamlined customer processes. Making productivity tools available to everyone in your organization will not only reduce wasted time and resources but give your business faster scalability.

Reduce errors

An all-in-one document productivity tool also minimizes opportunities for errors. It allows you to store all enterprise documents in one place, establish templates for easy document creation, and offer eSigning capabilities to internal team members as well as customers and vendors. The less time your team has to spend looking for documents, printing and scanning, and performing tasks that can easily be automated, the fewer opportunities there are for errors of omission.

Standardize processes

Implementing a document productivity solution that standardizes basic office processes can have a huge impact on employee efficiency and productivity. According to our recent Future of Work report, 35% of workers said an increased focus on documenting and standardizing processes would improve their organization. When everyone is using the same tools and following the same processes, your workflows will become more streamlined and efficient.

Improve organizational agility

Organizational agility is a critical success factor in our new digital age. As the COVID-19 pandemic quickly demonstrated, enterprises that could quickly adjust processes to accommodate the changing marketplace survived and even thrived during the disruption.

The right document productivity platform enables your team to work from anywhere at any time, whether in the office or out of it. Plus, they’ll be able to easily collaborate, adjust document templates digitally, and review, edit, and share contracts, agreements, and other critical data quickly and securely. The more seamless and agile your processes are, the more likely your organization can succeed in changing circumstances.


Why Nitro?

We’ve been providing our customers with document productivity solutions for over 15 years so we know a thing or two about what our customers need. Not only are the benefits of our product best-in-class, but we’ve also crafted a team that has thought holistically about the product we offer your business.

Ongoing training and support

Our Customer Success team provides your enterprise with ongoing training, support, and resources. They are completely hands-on during the adoption and implementation stages but are also available for future needs as your organization evolves. With support from our team, we will ensure you receive real-time solutions, change management guidance, and resources for a smooth transition to Nitro.

Access robust analytics and reporting tools

Want to know how much paper (and employee time) you’re saving by digitizing workflows? Looking to identify bottlenecks or opportunities to reduce printing across your organization? With Nitro Analytics™, you can answer these questions and gain insight into employees’ document workflows and productivity. Nitro Analytics operates on demand, too, and can give you immediate insight into which departments may be resisting new workflow process adoption and which ones are making strides in productivity.


While there are multiple document productivity tools available, the Nitro Productivity Suite provides PDF editing and eSigning capabilities across the entire enterprise workforce at a lower per-seat cost than other options. Our lower price point and attractive licensing model offer enterprises significant cost savings and expanded deployments. Nitro combines the best assets of document solutions — PDF productivity, eSigning, and analytics — into a single platform to which everyone in an organization can have access to.