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Update Your Contract Process, See Better Results


Ah, the sales gong – that magical instrument that’s rung aloud to signal a freshly closed deal. As AEs and Sales Managers strive to hit their targets, they hope to keep that gong a-ringin’ all day long.


But many sales professionals are still relying on printers, paper and pens to drive their contract processes forward (so old-school!). How can they be the one for whom the bell tolls if they’re stuck waiting on a customer to return a signed sales agreement?

Enter the new create, prepare, sign workflow from Nitro PDF Pro. With the ability to securely share documents and request eSignatures from within the desktop application, sales professionals not only save time putting their deals together, but they deliver a better customer experience. When an agreement is sent to a customer from Nitro, customers can quickly review, sign, and return the completed document – and that can translate directly into better customer retention, according to Ombud Open Research.

Let’s compare the process of executing a paper-based contract workflow to Nitro’s create, prepare, sign approach.

Old School (pen, paper and printer):

1. Open contract template in MS Word.
2. Modify contract for client.
3. Convert contract to PDF.
4. Print contract.
5. Sign contract by hand.
6. Scan contract back into computer.
7. Send contract to customer via email.
8. Wait for customer to review, print, sign, scan and return contract.

It seems crazy that 56% of knowledge workers still follow the process above; a choice that the IDC says is adding an average of 3.1 days to contract processes.

This method of contract execution is costing companies a significant amount in time and resources, but step 8 is the scariest part. Has the customer opened the file? Are they holding off on signing because they don’t agree with something in the contract? There’s no way of knowing without pestering the client.

New School (with Nitro PDF Pro):

1. Open contract template in Nitro PDF Pro.
2. Modify contract for client.
3. Apply eSignature to contract.
4. Click “request signature” to enter recipient details. Send contract.
5. Receive notifications when contract has been viewed and signed.

Aside from requiring fewer steps, executing your workflow in Nitro PDF Pro doesn’t require you to switch applications – or leave your seat. Nixing the paper has also been shown to reduce document turnaround time by up to 80%, so more deals get closed, faster. Now might be the time to invest in a second sales gong…

It won’t take long to see results after updating your contract process with Nitro PDF Pro. We’ll even give you a head start – try it free for 14 days!

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