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The Top 5 Document Challenges—and How to Solve Them


Combining your customer feedback and our product expertise, we made Nitro PDF Pro the most sophisticated and effective PDF editor yet! To showcase a few of our favorite new features, we addressed five common problems that arise when working with documents and solved them with five Nitro PDF Pro tools.

Issue #1: Need to send multiple PDFs to a client but don’t want to send a large number of attachments.

Solution: Create a Portfolio

Send a collection of PDFs without the download wait time and overload of PDF attachments. Clients will be able to open one attachment and have access to all the PDFs within the Portfolio. This includes a preview of the files in Nitro PDF Pro, so your client can pick and choose which files to open in separate tabs.

You can Create a Portfolio by going to the Home tab > clicking on Portfolio > select your files.

Next, send this Portfolio to clients as you would send an attachment by going to File > Share > Send as Attachment

Click here to see this process detailed in a screen cast.

Issue #2: You obtained a letter-size PDF from a client but you need it in A3 dimensions to print. How can you get larger size dimensions without the original document?

Solution: Our new and improved Crop Tool

Located on the Edit tab, our Crop tool is significantly improved to offer you even more options, such as the ability to essentially reprint a document to be larger or smaller than your original PDF. That’s right, you can crop your document to expand page dimensions either in Landscape or Portrait view. Additionally, our new tool includes exact measurements alongside your potential crop, and on the ribbon, as seen in this image:


Refer to the screen cast here for additional cropping capabilities.

Issue #3: How many times have you uploaded a scanned document and realized it’s tilted slightly to the left or right?

Solution: Nitro’s AutoDeskew

Now even a crooked and imperfect scan can be saved with the magic of our Auto Deskew feature located on the Review tab on the far right of the ribbon.

If you’re looking for a way to transform your paper documents into text searchable digital images, meaning you can reduce paper, costs and improve efficiency, you may want to check out Digital Imaging Services from CME Imaging Solutions.

Check out this video of our Auto Deskew feature in action.

Issue #4: You’re working with a large user manual and want to find a specific section quickly and easily without scrolling through the entire document.

Solution: Advanced Search

The Find Bar is an easy and familiar tool, but now we’ve incorporated Advanced Search in the document pane, along with Pages and Bookmarks. The Advanced Search tool bar allows you to search sentences or whole words (caps sensitive or not) and then instantly pulls up the search results alongside your document.

Watch this example of the Advanced Search process, and see its location on document pane.


Issue #5: You need to send a confidential document to a client for review but you only want to give them access for one week.

Solution: RMS Integration

RMS Integration is located on the Protect tab > Microsoft RMS Security button. If you have a Microsoft RMS account you can click on the button and have two options:

1. Select the drop down menu, which will allow you to send a pre-existing template, created on Microsoft’s website, to all users with the same company email domain. Send the document as either Confidential or Confidential View Only.

2. Log in with your Microsoft Online services ID and password.

Once logged in, a window will appear that allows you to add users by email address and to select permissions. For each user added, you can create separate permissions for the document. Some users may be able to change document content, while others can only comment or print. Users can also be allowed full access but have a date for when the document expires. You can set this date by clicking on the More button, which pulls up Advanced Settings. Here you can select an expiration date for that particular user/client.

Here is a screen shot of the window for adding users and selecting their permissions:


Now that we’ve shown you how to easily overcome various document challenges with Nitro PDF Pro, we hope you’ll continue to increase your efficiency and productivity.

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