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It’s Time to Embrace Electronic Signatures

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eSignatures are far more powerful than paper signatures for several reasons.

Just like you, we’re trying our best to prepare for the future of work by transforming the way we do business. We all rely on signatures to create and complete purchase orders, contracts, leases, expense reports, and more. So, it’s not taken lightly when we say that electronic signature software is no longer a nice-to-have, but fundamental to business operations and outcomes.

eSignatures are far more powerful than paper signatures for several reasons. As we move further in the digital age, more people will expect to be able to sign documents online faster, smarter, and more securely.

Electronic signatures have become the new standard because of new laws, shifting employee and customer expectations, remote work and distributed teams, and rising demand for modern processes (not to mention the impact of technology). Yet why is it that only 15% of all knowledge workers in an organization have access to an eSignature solution?

Deciding to adopt an eSignature solution can be easy, safe, and affordable—Nitro Sign and the Nitro Productivity Suite are a fraction of the cost and complexity of the likes of DocuSign and Adobe.

What is an electronic signature?

In legal terms, an electronic signature is “an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person.” An eSignature is typically attached to an electronic document (such as a PDF file) as an alternative to a handwritten signature.

More simply, an electronic signature is exactly what it sounds like—it allows users to legally sign electronic documents without the need for printing and signing by hand.

Benefits of adopting electronic signature software

Legally binding. Thanks to the ESIGN and UETA acts in the U.S. and the eIDAS regulation in the EU, eSignatures are just as legally binding as handwritten signatures as long as the appropriate requirements and regulations are satisfied.

Secure. eSignatures are often more secure than hand-written signatures. Paper documents need to be printed, distributed, signed, and stored, creating more opportunity for sensitive information to get lost and pass through multiple hands. Also, electronic signature solutions provide additional information about who has signed and if the document has been edited. Nitro has made it quick and simple to sign documents securely, offering multiple options for both applying your own signature and requesting an eSignature from others.

Cost saving. Up to 51% of printing is for the sole purpose of signing. eSigning helps organizations slash their spend on paper and ink while improving productivity. Downloading, signing, scanning, and re-sending documents takes up valuable time that could be spent on more productive, goal-oriented tasks.

Efficient. It’s no secret that paper kills workplace efficiency. eSignatures promote faster document sharing and approval, creating streamlined workflows and measurable time savings. Bonus: You’ll never have to worry about decoding someone’s handwriting again.

Remote work friendly. The shift to remote work began long before the COVID-19 quarantine. Now, being able to work from anywhere is critical for everyone, and so is the need for an eSignature solution that keeps every business moving forward with 100% end-to-end digital document workflows. We are all about empowering employees and customers to sign and receive documents in real-time no matter their location.

What’s the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

All digital signatures are electronic signatures, but not all electronic signatures are digital signatures. Confused? We understand. You may hear the terms used interchangeably, but there is a difference.

To put it simply, digital signatures require an extra level of security and identity verification. Whereas eSignatures usually identify signers through audit trails (which track users’ IP addresses and activity within a document), digital signatures identify signers through encryption and digital certificates. You can think of them as the digital version of a notarized signature.

eSignatures are just as legally binding as digital signatures but tend to be more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly. eSignatures are the go-to solution for day-to-day signing needs. Most organizations either never need digital signatures at all or use them only for extremely sensitive, important documents.

Finding an eSignature solution for your business

At a time when businesses are contemplating a more permanent shift to remote work, Nitro is here to help. Nitro Sign is the eSignature solution that allows anyone to get documents signed smarter, faster, and more securely, on any device.

Get started with Nitro Sign for free today. No complications, no catches, and no limits—we promise.

For businesses, contact us today.

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