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The First Rule of Work from Home? Encrypt. Encrypt. Encrypt


Building a digital workplace strategy that ticks all the boxes for security, reliability, and usability can be challenging

Building a digital workplace strategy that ticks all the boxes for security, reliability, and usability can be challenging. Whether you are working from the office, on the road, or at home, it’s important to think through data security.

Security is a fundamental part of our organization and platform. When it comes to protecting data and securing sensitive PDF documents, Nitro has your back. For the times you are away from your office and your trusted networks, you’ll want to ensure that your data is safe. How do you protect your PDFs, especially those with sensitive data?

One of the best ways to protect your PDF data is quite simple…encrypt, encrypt, encrypt. With Nitro PDF Pro’s password security features, it’s simple to encrypt your PDF data. When you encrypt a document, you make that document safe and secure from anyone who does not have the password—making sure sensitive information is protected.

We developed Nitro with enterprise companies in mind; their needs for security, reliability, and compliance are reflected in the product. Nitro PDF Pro uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)* to make sure your data has the strongest possible protection.

How to protect your document

When you are ready to protect your document, simply choose “Protect” tab from the ribbon and click on the “Password Security” option.


You can choose to add password protection on opening the document, or even specific actions within the document like printing, creating content, cutting content, or even filling in form fields.


Data encryption ensures that your PDF documents are protected—and with Nitro, it couldn’t be easier to keep your data safe and secure.

Work Securely from Anywhere with Nitro

Easily create, convert, edit, sign, and share PDFs from anywhere with Nitro PDF Pro while improving data security, minimizing printing, and reducing paper waste. Thanks to our intuitive Office-style interface you can accelerate productivity instantly with virtually no learning curve. Anyone can enjoy all of Nitro PDF Pro’s features for free—just start your 14-day trial here.

For larger teams and businesses, contact us today about getting Nitro Productivity Platform for your team.

*AES was established by the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), and is the only encryption approved by the NSA – the US National Security Agency for Top Secret information.

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