3 Rarely Discussed Virtues of eSignatures

In my last post, we discussed how eSignatures could broadly benefit your business in terms of money (return on investment), speed and happiness. If these reasons alone weren’t enough to

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3 Reasons Your Business Should Use eSignatures

Like the feather dipped in ink before it, scribbling your signature with a pen onto paper may soon seem old-school. The fast-paced, highly distributed business landscape is increasingly moving from

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What is an eSignature, anyway?

Tech terminology seems to fly at us at the speed of the internet. Try as we might, keeping up-to-the-minute on new technologies and turns of phrase is nearly impossible (especially

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Apply an Electronic Signature with Camera-to-Quicksign

For business users, Nitro Pro’s QuickSign™ functionality is one of the most useful tools the program offers. It not only saves valuable time by preventing the need to print a contract or agreement, sign it, scan it back into a digital file, and return it via email—QuickSign also helps reduce expenditures on paper, printer ink, and file storage, among other hard costs.