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5 Benefits of Storing Data Electronically


How many times have you gone on a rampant search for a misplaced paper file? How much physical space in your corporate office is devoted to document storage?

How many times have you gone on a rampant search for a misplaced paper file? How much physical space in your corporate office is devoted to document storage? For that matter, how much space on your desk is? If your organization is still relying heavily on paper and its storage, it may be time to look into electronic data storage.

Benefits of storing data electronically

The benefits of storing data electronically can be pretty far-reaching, particularly in these quickly changing times when more and more employees are working remotely. An increasing number of studies suggest the remote work trend isn’t going to end with the pandemic either. In fact, a conservative estimate by Harvard Business School indicates at least 16% of workers who switched to work-from-home as a result of COVID-19 will never return to the office.

Perhaps it’s time you consider becoming a part of the 89% of organizations working on digital transformation, and that includes shifting from physical to electronic data storage.

Take a look at some of the benefits of storing data electronically…and imagine all the efficiencies you could gain:

1. Collaborate more easily.

With electronic document storage, stakeholders can review, update, track, and share documents seamlessly. That means if your team is remote (or partially remote), employees can still access all the documents they need to perform their jobs without having to be in the same office — or in the office at all.

2. Enjoy greater document security.

Electronic data storage is typically more secure. You can password-protect files, track who is viewing what when, and control layers of access. It’s much harder to keep paper documents secure and to monitor who is reviewing them.

3. Reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

If you’re leasing office space, consider the costs devoted to physical document storage. Could you downsize the office if you eliminated the need for file storage? How much could you save if you no longer needed to print and deliver paper documents? With electronic file storage, you not only benefit from cost savings, but also reduce the amount of time and resources spent getting a document from one place to another.

4. Experience simpler document management.

Consistency is hard to implement in a paper world. With electronic documents, you can easily introduce new formats and workflows while reducing potential for human error.

5. Increase productivity.

Imagine what your team could do with all that time spent printing, scanning, filing, and sending documents? One of the best benefits of storing documents electronically is how it helps eliminate repetitive, administrative tasking. Then, your team can dedicate more of their time to larger projects and priorities.

What to look for in a digital transformation partner?

Ready to transform your office with a document productivity platform? Before you hop on the digital transformation bandwagon, make sure you select the best partner to help you meet your efficiency goals. Here are some things to consider:

  • Make sure your document productivity partner offers a solution with the tools to ensure efficiency gains for your organization. For example, are electronically stored documents more accessible to everyone? Using a tool like Nitro PDF Pro‘s OCR feature turns scanned files—which are essentially just images—into searchable, editable PDFs. After OCR, the content within the document becomes accessible to a storage platform’s search function, making it easier to locate in a file database.
  • Be certain you select a document productivity solution that your employees will actually adopt and use. Change management can be tough when software isn’t intuitive and requires a large learning curve. Because Nitro PDF Pro’s interface is similar to Microsoft 365, users find it simple to learn, which results in fast adoption.
  • Choose a company that will help you kill organization bottlenecks and streamline processes. Nitro, for example, not only integrates easily with Microsoft 365, but it also provides a cloud-based solution users can access from anywhere. 
  • Ensure your document productivity solution partner offers encryption services so you can control and track who accesses files and set up various layers of accessibility and editability based on employees’ roles in a given project. 

Ready to see how a document productivity solution could change your professional world? Download a free trial of Nitro PDF Pro, and start transforming the way you work.