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Spot the Difference with the New PDF File Compare Tool


When collaborating with a team, the process of comparing your original document with an edited version is like playing a concentration game, except it’s not fun. Often times there’s at least one team member who forgets to track changes, add notes, delete content, or edit graphics. The inconsistencies can cause painstaking manual comparison that slows down workflows with time-consuming searches for both edits and the correct document version.

In order to keep document collaboration productive and efficient, Nitro Pro allows users to compare two PDF files to easily determine the discrepancies between them. Whether you need to compare legal documents, PowerPoint presentations, CAD drawings, or any other file, Nitro Pro 9 will reveal the changes.

There are two different ways to compare: visually, and by content.

Visual Compare looks at two separate documents and compares them on a pixel by pixel basis. Once completed, Nitro Pro 9 will create a report that show what has been added, changed, and removed from the original file to the changed file.

Content Compare is the more traditional compare feature many digital document experts know and love. This feature highlights the changes between the original document and the changed document by highlighting said changes. After comparing the two files, Nitro Pro 9 provides a detailed report of every change, including text, fonts, images, and even the order of the pages.

Whichever comparison you choose, Nitro Pro 9 will provide a detailed report of every single change, including text, fonts, images, and even the order of the pages. Just imagine the time you’ll save when confronted with yet another anonymously edited file.

The Compare Tool isn’t the only new tool in Nitro Pro 9 designed to optimize workflow and increase productivity. Come check out what else we have in store for our best release to date!