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Snail-like Signing Practices are Costing Your Company Money


Getting signatures on important documents in the workplace can often feel like a carrier snail is on the job.

In our recent survey of over 1,200 knowledge workers, a whopping 58% of those polled still rely on the old print-sign-scan method for approving documents, signing contracts, and completing hiring paperwork. Their reliance on paper-based signatures hinders productivity: the IDC reports that workers spend over 3.5 hours per week just approving and signing documents, while AIIM reports that an average of 3.1 days is added to processes where a physical signature is required. In both cases, productivity losses very quickly add up to unnecessary money spent.

Labor intensive and resource-rich paper signing isn’t the only method of signature application, though. eSigning is equally binding, lightyears faster, and far less stressful on the company dime. Plus, companies are reporting that customer loyalty can increasing as much as 5x after implementing an eSignature solution.

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