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Watch Nitro Take on Adobe Acrobat in a Head-to-Head PDF-to-Word Conversion


It’s no secret that many satisfied Nitro customers were once users of Adobe Acrobat. And it’s likely that, as they explored the Nitro solution, they wondered, “How does it compare with my existing solution?”

To address one aspect of this question, we filmed Nitro and Adobe Acrobat in a head-to-head PDF-to-Word conversion showdown. Check it out below:

What did you notice, outside of the fact that both conversions were spot on in comparison to the original PDF file?

Perhaps it was Nitro’s clean, simple interface and its striking resemblance to the Microsoft Office ribbon? Such similarity makes it quick and easy to work with Nitro, even if you’re new to the solution.

Or, maybe you noticed that it only takes two clicks to convert to Word in Nitro, while Adobe’s conversion clicking and navigating through four different menus?

Either way, it’s clear that Nitro’s powerful features and intuitive user interface makes being more productive easier than ever.

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