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Nitro Sign named a Leader in 2022 GigaOm Radar Report for eSignatures

Gigaom Radar Report - Pointing Signs

A platform suite with best-in-class functionality

We are thrilled to announce that Nitro Sign has been named a Leader in the GigaOm Radar Report for eSignature solutions. It is an honor to be included as a Leader and a testament to the success our customers and partners have achieved by adopting our eSignature solutions. This recognition is also a validation of the continuous enhancement of Nitro Sign to meet the evolving needs of the modern workplace.

The eSignature market has recently experienced accelerated growth triggered by the pandemic and the wide-scale adoption of hybrid work models. We've seen 60% growth in adoption of eSignature solutions from 2020 to 2021, and P&S Intelligence forecasts spending on eSigning solutions to grow globally at a 29% CAGR over the next decade. The benefits organizations can realize from adopting electronic signatures are many – greater efficiency, better user experiences, compliance, and sustainability.

In its assessment, GigaOm evaluated eSignature solution vendors based on the signature compliance provided (simple, advanced or qualified), important functionalities and requirements, and pricing structure. Of the 14 solutions evaluated, Nitro Sign was named a Leader along with longstanding industry stalwarts such as Adobe and DocuSign.

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A fast-moving Leader

The GigaOm Radar offers a forward-looking assessment, plotting the current and projected position of each solution over a 12-to-18-month window. Vendor solutions are weighed on execution, roadmap, and ability to innovate and are characterized on two axes— Maturity versus Innovation, and Feature Play versus Platform Play.

The solutions are then plotted across a series of concentric rings, with those set closer to the center judged to be of higher overall value. Arrows indicate travel based on strategy and pace of innovation over a 12–18-month window.

Nitro Sign has emerged as a fast mover among industry leaders such as DocuSign and Adobe. GigaOm has summed up our solution as— “Nitro Sign has emerged as a Leader with its acquisition of Connective, providing a platform suite with aggressive pricing and best-in-class functionality. The solution specializes in local compliance, including direct integrations with central government services, best-in-class security provisions, and AES/QES native support. Pricing plans include all premium features and only count successful signatures towards the plan.”

Feature-rich solution that meets the needs of almost any use case

Nitro Sign is a secure and compliant eSignature platform that offers a whole host of enterprise-grade features across Identity Services, Document Generation, Workflow Automation, Integrations and PDF capabilities for almost any use case. Our solution can be tailored to the needs and demands of small businesses to larger enterprises.

Identity Services offers a highly secure and hyper-local e-signature solution and is a native provider of SES, AES, and QES. Through a specialized Identity Services API, our solution integrates with central government authentication services such as suisseID and France Connect to ensure the highest level of compliance within each jurisdiction and includes over 30 eID and smart card integrations across more than 20 countries. Our solution also supports general requirements across ESIGN, UETA, and eIDAS regulations which allow us to serve the needs of customers across all industry segments; including highly regulated ones such as Financial Services and Healthcare.

Dynamic Document Generation allows users to customize data capture from a broad set of common and bespoke field types. Through expansive integration options, documents can be created natively through digital form building and pre-populated with data from other business applications. The templates can save mapped data fields and automate updates either during preparation or post-execution back to the business domain. Other data field configurations include visibility logic and regex validation.

Nitro's advanced workflow configuration capabilities leverage robotics process automation (RPA) and is driven through a no-code UI that allows users to specify common parameters such as recipients, sequence, and reminders. We have API integrations with more than 48 third-party applications such as Salesforce, PowerAutomate, SAP, and Talentsoft. Audit trails are also available for all processes.

Our AI-driven analytics is supported by an integrated add-on which enables a user to create custom dashboards and reports to support business-specific objectives. These reports are configurable via no-code UIs. You can also customize the experience with your branding elements, common signing-page UI elements and white-label email addresses; in fact, the entire eSigning experience could be customized to your needs.

To support business growth at any stage we offer a flexible pricing plan that does not upcharge for premium features. Additionally, we only charge when a signature is completed (versus simply being sent). Our solution is global with native support for 16 languages and common file types. Nitro Sign is compliant with extensive security credentials, such as GDPR, ISO27001, SOC 2 and complies with stringent eSignature regulations including UETA, eSIGN eIDAS and certified as a Qualified Trust Service Provider. An added feature is that our solution applies tamper-proof seals per signature rather than only sealing the whole document, allowing more flexibility and security for multiple signers' use cases.

Customer needs inspire our innovation efforts

Nitro Sign is enabling our customers to automate and digitize their critical workflows so that they can spend more time driving their business success and less time managing one-off experiences. We believe that the future of eSigning needs to be built around flexible, powerful, and secure document workflow solutions so that our customers can be confident that their work is secure and compliant. Over the past year we have invested heavily in accelerating our product roadmap and delivering incremental value — adding best-in-class functionality to our existing platform capabilities with our global high-trust eSignature solution, alongside specialized offerings in Identity Services, Document Generation and Workflow Automation.

Everyday we are inspired by our customers and believe our success is driven by theirs. We have over 3 million licensed users and 13,000+ Business Customers in 157 countries. We serve both SMB and enterprise businesses; including more than 67% of the Fortune 500 and three of the Fortune 10 companies.

Download the full 2022 GigaOm Radar Report here and find out why Nitro Sign has been named a Leader and how our platform strengths can benefit your business.

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