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Meet Steven: university student, staff member, and real life Nitro user.

Meet Steven: 

University Student, Staff Member, and Real Life Nitro User

Steven is the classic portrait of a graduate student, keeping several plates spinning at once. He’s concurrently pursuing an MBA in Sustainability, plus working on a Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching. In addition, he works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, a role in which he offers administrative support to faculty. He’s both a full time student and a part time staff member at Oregon State University.

Document Challenges on Campus Plague Students and Staff Alike

As a student, Steven finds the most cost effective way to read many required texts and case studies is to find them online, and download the documents as PDF files—in fact, many of his readings are only available this way. But he has to pay if he wants the texts printed out.

As a staff member, Steven receives requests to perform any number of administrative tasks. From compiling exam results to developing seating charts to managing individual tracking sheets for each student in a given class, his duties and document problems vary.

Nitro to the Rescue

Steven began using Nitro Pro because it came pre-installed on his Lenovo laptop. He first used only the PDF to Word conversion features, but quickly discovered that Nitro was the solution for more than simply converting files.

For the student side of his needs, Steven uses Nitro Pro to read and annotate computer based texts for his classes, without having to print the documents out. With Nitro, he anchors notes into the text where pertinent information resides. He also frequently utilizes the bookmark feature, marking key concepts, which aids his studying and keeps him focused on learning objectives.

As a GTA, Steven uses Nitro Pro to solve problems for faculty members. For example, one professor asked Steven to create over a hundred individual files to track students, one for every person in the class. The professor then needed to print out all of files, but did not want to go through the arduous task of opening each document separately. Using Nitro’s Combine feature, Steven bundled the files and within minutes presented one document for the professor to print.

Too Good to Share? Nah.

Steven is proud he adopted Nitro Pro early on. “It’s such an awesome program that I feel kind of special keeping it to myself,” he told us. But the truth is, by solving document problems in academia for students, staff, and teachers alike, the awesomeness of Nitro Pro is too good to keep inside.

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