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The 4 Document Collaboration Tools You Should Be Using


When implemented properly, document collaboration can be a powerful tool to unite teams, save time, and maximize the full potential of an organization’s workforce. Yet over 50 percent of IT leaders say they face challenges stemming from inconsistent workflows and collaboration processes, while 35 percent grapple with a lack of visibility into document activity, such as sharing, viewing, and editing.


As a result, it’s vital that your document productivity software provides a variety of tools that will make document collaboration easy and intuitive. Located under the Review tab, Nitro PDF Pro’s collaboration tools help individuals and teams seamlessly share and review documents, information, edits, and more. While Nitro PDF Pro comes equipped with a long list of powerful collaboration features, these are a few of our favorites for everyday productivity:

1. Compare PDFs

We’ve all been there. Your colleague edits and marks up your document, then you’re left scanning the “before” and “after” versions to decipher differences. The Compare feature saves time and removes guesswork by outlining every change in text, images, and annotations between two documents.

When you click the Compare feature, you’ll be asked to select two documents to compare. During a text-based comparison, Nitro Pro will search text, images, and annotations, and make an annotation to describe each discrepancy. When comparing scanned and image-based documents, Nitro Pro analyzes images on a pixel level and displays the visual differences between the two documents. Whether you’re looking for text edits or Photoshop changes, Compare is a powerful tool that can boost your productivity with just a few clicks.

2. Stamp PDFs

Just like rubber-stamping a document, a digital stamp can instantly add emphasis or indicate the status of a file. Built-in stamps—such as Draft, Reviewed, and Approved—are perfect ways to clearly collaborate with colleagues. Looking to convey a different message? Nitro PDF Pro’s Stamp feature allows you to create a custom stamp that features your own text, image, or PDF file. You can even customize your text color and include dynamic content for a completely unique look.

3. OCR

Working with scanned documents can be anything but productive—especially when it comes to the lack of search and editing capabilities. But Nitro PDF Pro changes that. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Nitro PDF Pro can transform scanned or photographed documents into searchable, editable PDFs that you can easily organize, manipulate, and revise. Data, text, and images that have been converted via OCR can be copy-and-pasted into other documents, while the ability to edit, annotate, highlight, and cross-out text makes document collaboration a breeze.

Simply click OCR in the Document section of the Review tab, and choose whether you’d like to make your document searchable or searchable and editable. Making the document searchable will allow you to mark up text with tools like highlight and cross-out, while making text searchable and editable takes the process one step further by preparing your document for conversion to Microsoft Word or Excel.

4. Summarize comments

Comments and annotations are one of the most prolific forms of document collaboration. Yet when multiple reviewers become involved, sorting through edits and comments can get very confusing very quickly. Nitro PDF Pro’s Summarize Comments feature displays content and comments side by side for a summarized view that’s organized and readable. Once review is complete, this summarized view can be printed with side-by-side page content and comments.

Once you master these document collaboration tools, standardizing your software is an important next step in eliminating process inconsistencies and encouraging seamless collaboration. For more information on standardizing your document productivity solution, talk to Nitro’s sales team. Or, check out all of Nitro PDF Pro’s features to learn more about how Nitro can help you work smarter every day.