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Move On Up: Meet Paul, Front End Engineer


Every month, we'll spotlight a different member of the Nitro team. Meet Paul, Nitro Front End Engineer. Paul started as an Intern with Nitro, San Francisco.

Often people think that career growth is achieved only by changing role or company. In reality, the most valuable and satisfying job growth opportunities can come from learning and developing over time within a team, becoming a core member of an organization, developing solid relationships, and mentoring more junior team members or new hires.

In San Francisco, Dublin, Melbourne, and London we are lucky to have several Nitronauts who started and have grown their careers at Nitro. The commitment and knowledge they add to our teams and culture is invaluable!

Meet Paul, Front End Engineer in our Dublin HQ

Paul started as an Intern in our San Francisco office when he was a student and joined the team full-time after his graduation. Paul plays a pivotal role in developing the products and services at the heart and soul of Nitro. Paul has shaped an impressive career all while helping to build the right things, the right way so that Nitro is easy to use and more and more people around the world can work even smarter with documents.

Ready to meet Paul and find out why he joined Nitro? Let’s go.

When you joined Nitro, what was your role?

I joined Nitro four years ago on a summer internship at our San Francisco office. When I think back to my undergraduate days, this engineering internship was one of the most valuable experiences I had. I focused initially on testing and progressed into front end development from there.

At Nitro, you may have “Intern” in your title, but you’re treated as a full-fledged member of the team–with all the associated responsibilities and expectations that come with that. The engineering team was small at that time and I was delighted with how encouraging they were for me to get stuck in.

I think that says a lot about Nitro and the people here, everyone is willing to help you and they want to see you progress. This goes back to one of Nitro’s core values—”Be Good”. Even though the engineering team has significantly grown since then, this value is as strong as ever.

How did you go from there to becoming a Front End Engineer?

As my internship ended and the time came to weigh my career options, I knew that growth and learning opportunities were high up on my list of priorities. I felt confident that I would be able to gain responsibility quickly at Nitro. Since then, I graduated and returned to Nitro as a Front End Engineer at Nitro’s EMEA HQ in Dublin.

I work on the Front End team learning how to create and maintain large scale applications. I have brilliant people around me to help me establish best practices and explore new ideas to improve the Nitro product offering.

Nitro is a community where you get involved from the start. There is ample opportunity for those who join us to make a big impact and this is one of the reasons I was excited to return to Nitro full-time after completing my internship.

Many people say that constant learning is key to career growth, has this been the case for you?

A hundred percent. My team has always shown me constant support, whether it’s debugging a problem or getting feedback on work—there’s always someone there to help. Nitro encourages us to learn new skills and develop through online courses, conferences, and our quarterly “Hack Weeks”. Whether you’re an intern or full-timer there’s always an opportunity to learn something new!

What were some standout moments in your journey with Nitro so far?

The Nitro Productivity Suite launch was an exciting moment. It was deeply rewarding to see all the hard work that my team and every team right across Nitro put in to make this impressive suite and to see it being released to our customers. I must include the recent IPO. Seeing Nitro transition to public is very interesting and creates many new opportunities.

What value have you carried with you throughout your career and where did you first hear it?

Ask questions. From early on in my internship I was encouraged to ask as many questions as possible to get the best understanding of everything that I was learning. There’s no such thing as a stupid question at Nitro. If you don’t know, you ask, and you learn. Chances are, asking might help someone else too!

What are you most excited for as you grow in your role at Nitro?

I’m looking forward to future product launches. How can we make Nitro easier to use and help more people work even smarter with documents? This is a question I care about a lot, and I’m incredibly excited to add my energy toward this ambitious vision. It’s always fun to work on something new, getting new customers on-board and being part of the product growing.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next month’s spotlight. In the meantime, be sure to check out our open positions here.