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2020 will mark 15 years since Nitro first started in a Melbourne laneway in 2005.

2020 will mark 15 years since Nitro first started in a Melbourne laneway in 2005. What began as a three-man operation with a vision to digitize and transform document productivity has grown to serve over 10,000 businesses, including more than half of the 2019 Fortune 500.

2020 will also mark our first full year as a public company after our IPO announcement last December. As we cast a vision for our future as a public company, we can’t help but reflect on the things that brought us this far: user-friendly design; flexible licensing; affordable pricing; and perhaps more than anything, unparalleled dedication to customer success.

We know that implementing new tools, new procedures, and new workflows at any company is tough. So from the beginning, it’s been a part of our mission to walk with our customers as they go through the process of digitizing their document workflows with Nitro.

Commitment to customer success isn’t just a slogan for us, nor is it a task that’s siloed off to one department. It’s woven into every decision we make, every product we offer, and it’s what’s driven our success for the last 15 years.

Because we know the way people work with documents actually matters. It matters for productivity. It matters for environmental impact. It matters for employees’ stress levels and job satisfaction. Our 2020 Productivity Report found that employees who work with 10 or more documents per day report the highest levels of stress and that 97% of knowledge workers believe there’s significant room to improve document processes at their job.

While we’ve done a lot to dramatically improve document processes over the years, our work is not done. We want the statistics found in our 2020 Productivity Report to change — for companies who want to improve sustainable practices.

Going public is a huge step towards helping more businesses drive the digital transformation they need and making our vision of “a world of 100% digital document workflows” a reality.

To say that our first 15 years brought a lot of change is an understatement. We know that our next 15 years will be just as dynamic as we lead our industry, develop more tools to improve document productivity, and move forward as a public company. Some things will never change though. Our belief in looking out for our customers — without taking them to town with cost — is one of them.

Post IPO, showing up for our customers is what got us here, and it’s what’s going to carry us forward.

Public or private, 2005 or 2020, three friends in a laneway or offices all over the world, our promise to our customers is the same: To help organizations of all sizes eliminate paper, accelerate business processes, and drive digital transformation. We’d love to extend the same promise to you. Our awesome sales team can help you take the first step to becoming a part of the Nitro family.