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[Infographic] Which Cloud Type is Best for Your Business


Walk through our infographic to determine which cloud offering could be the best choice for your business.


1. Data Security: Not Sensitive > Public Cloud

If your organization faces budget and resource limitations in the area of data security, the public cloud infrastructure is likely the best option for you. This track explains the situation of many small business and non-professional users and they will benefit the most from the scalability and price tag of a public cloud infrastructure.

2. Data Security: Sensitive > Budget: High > Collaboration: Internal > Private Cloud

If your company is built on sensitive or confidential information, whether internal or customer-related, the security of this data must be of the utmost importance. Private cloud infrastructures similar to those that are offered by are a great option for businesses in this category, as they can be customized to meet the security standards of your organization while still offering the flexibility of cloud computing. However, the cost to build and manage a private cloud are higher than for the public cloud, so be prepared to shell out some dough. It’s a good idea to make sure that your business is secure when using a cloud-based system. There are a few things that you can get though to help you stay secure, such as this GRC software.

3. Data Security: Sensitive > Budget: High > Collaboration: External > Partnership: No > Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud infrastructure is best for a company that has sensitive information, but is still looking to collaborate externally and scale projects quickly. If the company has a large budget, then it should not have a problem building and managing a private cloud whilst utilizing a public cloud for storage and collaboration.

4. Data Security: Sensitive > Budget: Low > Hybrid Cloud

Even without a large budget, a hybrid cloud infrastructure is still the best solution for a company with sensitive information that is also looking to collaborate externally. This is because companies can maximize on the benefits of the public cloud, while building out their private cloud infrastructure and gradually migrate sensitive information over. This gradual approach will reduce management costs by outsourcing cloud management to a third-party during the building of a private cloud infrastructure. I’ve heard that companies similar to Propel Technology can provide insight on how to set this up for small and medium-sized businesses. They also offer a wide range of IT related services that might be of use to your small or medium-sized business.

5. Data Security: Sensitive > Budget: High > Collaboration: External > Partnership: Yes > Community Cloud

A community cloud infrastructure is optimal for clusters of companies with shared interests that are looking to share sensitive information. Community cloud infrastructures are closely tied to verticals with specific compliance laws, such as the healthcare industry.