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How to Improve Employee Efficiency with PDF Productivity and eSigning


The CIO is looking for low-hanging fruit that can kick-start the company’s journey toward digital transformation. Where do you start?

The CIO knocks on your office door. She’s on the hunt for low-hanging fruit that can kick-start the company’s journey toward digital transformation. Top of mind are document management challenges that have plagued your staff for years: wasteful overuse of paper, muddled interoffice communication, and overpriced digital tools.

These obstacles to productivity can seem overwhelming to even the most innovative of companies. But a good first step is a PDF productivity solution paired with eSigning integration and a technology partner that can steer you around the curves and save you money all at the same time

How to Improve Employee Efficiency

Eliminate All of the Printing

Despite the well-known efficiencies of PDFs, productivity tools specifically designed to enhance their capabilities have typically been distributed to only one out of every 10 employees, while Microsoft Office products are usually found on every worker’s machine—this despite the fact that PDFs have nearly ubiquitous use, while cloud-based alternatives to Office (e.g., Google Docs, Evernote7) have become prevalent.

This lack of consistency forces your colleagues to print documents in order to keep workflows moving. In addition to being wasteful, inefficient, and costly, printing documents leaves no audit trail and opens the organization up to security risks.

This was certainly the experience of Essette, a Colorado-based care management software company that streamlines workflow for the healthcare industry. As the organization equipped its staff with Nitro, it saw a 10 percent increase in overall user productivity and a significant reduction in paper use. “Nitro empowers everyone to do what they need to do without having to rely on anyone else or on additional equipment,” the company says.

Start Collaborating

Knowledge, like nature, abhors a vacuum. It is the lifeblood of any successful company and lives in its databases and documents. The larger the organization, the more documents, forms, signatures, and potential headaches there can be.

Rather than leaving institutional knowledge to spoil in silos like unused grain, an integrated productivity solution breaks information through barriers and allows workers to collaborate in real time. Add to that a reasonable price tag and easily scalable implementation and you will quickly expand access to productivity and new efficiencies.

No longer will you hear your staff bemoan the dozens (or even hundreds) of versions of a contract or presentation that clog their email inboxes. No more chasing down signatures from vacationing department heads or waiting for IT to convert that file for you. Bring all of these functionalities under a single roof, and you will work more accurately and regain valuable time.

When Northern Business Consultants implemented Nitro’s eSign technology with its clients, it minimized the “white noise” generated by the back and forth of numerous phone calls and emails, which gave their team the freedom to focus on collaboration. “With Nitro, our customers know all they need to do is click a button and it’s done…it’s really improving our workflow,” says Jennifer Perrin, Client Service Advocate.

Begin to Save on Costs

Your CIO has PDF productivity and eSigning for all in her sights but remains stymied by the high cost of legacy PDF technology and even modern eSignature providers. She yearns for a modern product that’s built (and priced) to easily integrate across the entire organization—a PDF productivity solution bundled with unlimited eSigning and a stellar digital transformation technology partner. A solution that will make her the digital (and budget) hero.

Once frustrated by similar cost concerns, engineering survey company Land Surveys initially only equipped a handful of staff with PDF capabilities. Once they adopted Nitro, they saw an increase in productivity and satisfaction among their teams and the significant cost savings allowed them to provide it to users across the company.

Happier, More Efficient Employees

Nitro’s Productivity Suite can equip knowledge workers up and down the organizational hierarchy with the digital tools needed to accomplish their most common workflows quickly and easily. Read more and take the first step toward fulfilling your company’s digital promise.

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