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How Leading Manufacturers Take Digital Transformation by the Horns

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End-to-end document transformation using tools like the Nitro Productivity Platform can help any manufacturing entity overcome the hurdles of paper-based processes.

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of an unprecedented revolution. Drivers such as labor challenges, increased demand and supply shortages and machine-learning technologies amid a rapidly evolving global pandemic have the industry running fast to keep pace. In order to remain competitive, manufacturers must start digitizing.

Digital transformation in manufacturingmay require a more hands-on approach due to the nature of the work. However, more automated workflows, better digital integration among departments and an increased focus on standardizing processes will lead to better manufacturing outcomes in the long run.

Leading manufacturers embrace digital change

One way companies can achieve digital transformation is by removing paper processes from the equation. According to the second installment of our Future of Work Report, there are a few areas where employers can expedite daily operations with document productivity, including more automated workflows, standardization among platforms and better training. Workers with access to such resources reported greater on-the-job satisfaction and better productivity.

However, document processes continue to be a pain point for many, especially during the pandemic. In fact, 83% of workers said the way their company handles documents has not improved significantly during COVID-19, and 95% saw room for improvement in how their organizations handle documents.

Transformation put into practice

In 2010, global manufacturing company Continental faced high costs, unwieldy licensing and limited employee adoption of its legacy PDF solution. This left the majority of the company’s more than 200,000 workers unable to effectively collaborate on projects, costing valuable time and lost productivity.

Continental sought an alternative PDF solution that was user- and IT-friendly and would allow the company to ramp up adoption across the organization.

With Nitro’s straightforward enterprise deployment, Continental was able to roll out Nitro PDF Pro quickly and efficiently to a much wider user base. The company’s digital transformation included significant gains in productivity and a reduction in paper use.

Nitro approached its relationship with Continental as a true partnership, working to ensure Nitro PDF Pro was a good fit for the global organization. “The customer success team has a very good reaction time compared to other support teams,” says Tobias von der Heydt, Continental’s IT contract and license manager. “I can speak to them in English or German, and we are very happy to have a great partnership.”

Digital transformation in manufacturing

Making the switch from paper to digital processes is necessary when handling multi-billion-dollar contracts or time-sensitive client approvals. End-to-end document transformation using tools like the Nitro Productivity Platform can help any manufacturing entity overcome the hurdles of paper-based processes.

Recent insights from global research company Gartner show that 36% of manufacturing companies realize an above-average business value as a result of digitization. And moving toward paperless processes is one major, scalable component toward a future powered by automation—from obtaining raw materials to delivering products to end users.

Fulfill your workplace potential

Whether your company produces anvils or airplanes, lawnmowers or light rail, effective document productivity is a critical part of any successful digital transformation — just look at Continental. Its swift adoption of Nitro PDF Pro allowed the manufacturing company to meet substantial efficiency challenges while saving money and reducing its environmental footprint along the way.

Now is the time for manufacturers to kickstart their digital transformation journey. See how others in the industry are using Nitro to drive digitization and boost productivity.