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How Healthcare IT Leaders Can Level-Up Its Document Productivity Solutions


Medical institutions across the globe have begun to look closely at their information systems, evaluating the most effective solutions for tracking electronic medical records, billing activity, and test results.

An expectation of digital efficiency has become the norm in our daily lives, and healthcare is no exception. As such, medical institutions across the globe have begun to look closely at their information systems, evaluating the most effective solutions for tracking electronic medical records, billing activity, and test results.

In order to survive and thrive in a constantly evolving digital world, it’s essential that providers implement a forward-thinking strategy centered on document productivity and management to improve both patient and employee experience.

Deliver an Efficient Digital Experience

Some aspects of healthcare have improved with technology—you can see your medical history, schedule or cancel appointments, and even fill a prescription right from your phone. We can print human organs, and robots routinely scrub in for surgery. But the digital user experience has yet to catch up with medical advances.

A forward-thinking digital user experience would raise the bar on traditional healthcare to a new level. Ideally, it would include:

  • global knowledge database used to diagnose and treat patients in real time
  • A marriage of big data and machine learning to upgrade and simplify the patient experience
  • Improved daily operations and workflows  that feature interconnected systems, with document management protocols and eSignatures as a priority

Improve Patient Security with Document Management

The current paper-based system is both woefully inefficient and dangerously unsafe. Digitizing patient records eliminates paper-based security breaches and gives patients peace of mind. An easy transfer of information between caregivers and patients not only creates better service, but it also translates into higher margins—as much as 50 percent. When providers synchronize and share data, it minimizes potential loss of revenue and data mismanagement.

A proper PDF productivity system is a key part of this solution and offers comprehensive security features, including:

  • Redaction and encryption, which protect sensitive information within documents
  • Advanced security certifications, such as SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA
  • Digital audit trails and SSL AES encryption
  • Both automated tools and manual inspection to ensure constant oversight of security events

Reduce Paper Consumption

Healthcare is not alone in its reliance on paper-based processes, which are inherently problematic for any industry. It’s well-documented that printing is disjointed; awkward; wasteful; frustrating; time-consuming; risky; and, in the modern workplace, increasingly unnecessary.

The advent of electronic signatures within document management systems means that every employee has the potential to use a secure and efficient solution that provides patients with a fast, friendly experience.

Rather than print, mail, and file documents that require patient signatures, providers can obtain, confirm receipt of, and securely store them with a few clicks of the mouse—a process that minimizes human error, saves time and storage, reduces environmental impact, and enhances patient confidentiality and document security.

How Nitro’s Document Productivity Solution Will Save You Money

The Nitro Pro productivity suite allows healthcare organizations and systems to cut document management costs by an average of 50 percent, which represents a fraction of the price of Adobe Acrobat and DocuSign. Every knowledge worker will be equipped with invaluable digital tools like PDF productivity and eSigning.

Legacy solutions often come stuffed with add-ons and additional features that many medical practices find unnecessary. Invest in a technology partner that provides a scalable suite of options to fit your digital transformation needs.

Learn more about digital transformation for healthcare organizations by downloading our Best Practices for Transformational Healthcare: Digital Innovation and Document Productivity e-book by technology research and analysis firm GigaOm. You’ll gain key insights, actionable steps, and research-backed advice for achieving a more modern, digital, patient-centered healthcare operation.