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The Impact of Electronic Document Management on Productivity


The way an organization executes internal and external document workflows has a significant impact on the productivity of its employees. If handled inefficiently, simple tasks like creating documents, sharing and signing them, and collaborating with clients and colleagues can become incredibly challenging—and costly.


A recent report from the IDC states that document challenges are robbing organizations of 21.3% of overall productivity, which they then break down to an individual productivity cost of almost $20k per employee, per year.

Think that sounds unreasonable? Here are examples of things you likely face on a regular basis that are driving these unnecessary costs:

  • 48% have emailed the wrong version of a file to a boss, client or coworker.
  • An average of 6.9 hrs/wk are spent collecting, consolidating and deciphering feedback on documents.
  • 81% have found themselves working on the wrong version of a file.

Easy to see how that could add up, right?

Why This Productivity Loss is Happening

Plain and simple, employees are not equipped with the proper tools to handle their document workflows as efficiently as possible.

In a survey we conducted last year, we discovered that 74% of knowledge workers from companies with 100 or more employees (and 57% from orgs with less than 100) are lacking access to a PDF editor, and that the same group of people find editing to be the biggest document-related challenge.

The correlation here is clear: without access to the PDF-editing tools that would enable simple changes to be made, eSignatures to be applied, and pages to be easily added, deleted, or moved, employees are resorting to the “Old Way” (read: printing, scanning, hand-signing, etc.)—and losing a lot of productivity in the meantime.

How You Can Fix It

Time and time again, we’ve seen organizations boost overall productivity by simply equipping employees with the tools that enable the execution of paperless document workflows.

An IDC study revealed that executives see a real upside in focusing on improving document processes, and that streamlining in this area could lead to a 36% increase revenue and a 30% cost reduction.

A basic PDF editor includes tools for:

  • Converting a PDF file into Word, PPT, and/or Excel
  • Editing text and images
  • Adding, removing, and reordering pages
  • Making comments and annotations, and even more

However, a common misconception about PDF editors is that they come with a hefty price tag. While that’s definitely true for the market-leading solution (which barrels in at a crippling $449.00 per license!), pricing for Nitro Pro starts at $159.99 per user with additional volume discounts available. There are other document scanning pricing options on the market that you can consider as well. It never hurts to get a second opinion. You might have discounted document scanning as an option if you have lots of documents that need scanning, however, you don’t need to. Using a bulk document scanning service means that your documents can be scanned quickly and efficiently so it might be worth learning more about what’s involved.


Adopting a tool like Nitro within your organization can make a hugely positive impact on overall productivity, which will in turn help your bottom line.

Want to learn more about how document issues affect productivity? Download our ebook 3 Ways to Improve Document Productivity: A Report on the Document Habits of a Modern Workforce.

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