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Why Digital Transformation Is Critical for the All-Remote Work Life

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Navigating this remote work environment has been challenging and companies are embracing more digital and collaboration solutions to adapt.

Remote work isn’t a new concept, but remote work during a global pandemic certainly is. Navigating this all-remote work environment has been challenging to say the least, and as a result, companies have started embracing more digital and collaboration solutions to adapt. However, the second installment of The Future of Work report found many knowledge workers continue to deal with document inefficiencies and lack the right tools and digital workflows to fully enable remote work.

Digital transformation is more important now than ever before

The report takes a deeper dive into some of the trends explored in Part 1 and examines how workers’ document behaviors, productivity levels, job satisfaction, and work expectations have changed during the global COVID-19 crisis. Surprisingly, 46% of workers said their company was only somewhat prepared at best when offices closed in response to the global pandemic.

This might have been acceptable at the beginning when everyone was still adjusting, but as remote work becomes a permanent norm for many companies, IT leaders must commit to digital transformation and invest in the right solutions to improve their organizations.

Even with most employees remote, 56% are still printing and 50% still scanning despite over 60% not having printers or scanners at home – and it’s becoming a major pain point. According to the report, 95% of workers see room for improvement in how their organizations handle documents.

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Remote work is here to stay

While it’s strange to think about, the fate of the office is a little unknown. The report found 73% of workers plan to work from home (WFH) as much or more frequently even post-pandemic, and 67% said a WFH policy is very or extremely important to future job opportunities. Now, many companies are telling their workforces they never have to come back to the office or are creating more flexible WFH policies.

At Nitro, we adjusted quickly to remote work early in the pandemic, but we continue to look at ways to streamline processes and enable our teams to ‘work from anywhere.’ We’re now in the process of implementing a new ‘Flexible Forever’ policy, which is a hybrid approach to the future of work. It enables our team to have the flexibility to work remotely but also have access to in-person time when it makes the most sense – like for team meetings, planning sessions, or social events.

It’s time for companies to evolve

The nature of work has permanently changed and in turn, organizations must evolve their thinking around the concept of workplaces and redefine the role of offices. Using legacy systems, tools, and paper-based processes will only cut it for so long. Now’s the time to get ahead, adopt new solutions, and embrace the future of work.

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