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How to Increase Selling Power with Digital Documents


Nitro VP of Sales for the Americas Mike Leyden is all-in on digital document productivity, and it’s easy to understand why.

Nitro VP of Sales for the Americas Mike Leyden is all-in on digital document productivity, and it’s easy to understand why.

Grant Sukchindasathien

Having served in a wide range of sales roles, Mike knows that an inefficient document workflow can distract from the salesperson’s true goal – prospecting new business and nurturing leads through the buying journey.

Mike is passionate about providing his team with resources that allow them to focus on core selling duties and accelerate sales processes. Nitro’s PDF software, eSignature functionality, and cloud connectivity are foundational elements driving this performance.

We recently asked Mike how Nitro makes sales professionals more efficient, and how selling organizations implementing end-to-end document productivity solutions are transforming the way they do business.

Q: How does Nitro help selling organizations innovate sales processes and introduce business efficiencies?

A fundamental objective of any selling organization is to look for processes, tools, and systems that can accelerate sales velocity across the entire organization – from prospecting to selling to administrative functions.

What we do is we take what people think is a given – which is the old way of printing, faxing, scanning, and emailing – and we condense it into one document life-cycle that gives them back time so they can pursue things of material benefit to the business.

When I can free up 50 percent of the time sales pros use for document assembly, preparation, and signing, they’ve got 50 percent more time to invest in the selling process, to invest into prospecting and securing new customers. That’s innovation to me because it’s a redeployment of a scarce resource – time – in pursuit of company targets and individual goals.

Q: How do individual sales reps use Nitro’s offerings to be more productive in the digital selling environment?

Sales organizations and individual sellers must craft documents for proposals, presentations, archiving, and many other purposes. Nitro makes this process more efficient with a PDF software solution that allows in-house staff and field-facing reps alike to create, combine, and collaborate on digital documents.

Nitro enables easy conversion from Word to PDF and Excel to PDF, making the editing process simple and efficient. Our full PDF editor software suite works across platforms and devices, making it possible to deliver critical sales content to prospects and customers anywhere, anytime.

Because of deep hooks between Nitro PDF Pro and Nitro Sign, this PDF editor functionality extends into the vital contract negotiation and execution phase. With our eSign workflow, contracting is a seamless, fully audited, user-centric process. Reps and clients can engage with content, modify as needed, and execute contracts – on any device, at any time.

All of this culminates in a seamless, end-to-end document lifecycle – from creation on the desktop to electronic signature functionality in the cloud phase, with full audit history and user management that accelerates contract cycles and gives them time back to sell more effectively.


Q: How long does it take for organizations using digital documents and eSignature features to see efficiency gains in the sales process?

The gains can be demonstrated immediately. If you’ve got a baseline around one existing paper-based contract negotiation process, you can stand up Nitro against it and see gains right away. We’ve seen gains from 10 to 75 percent, depending on the nature of a given process – and that has been from the first cycle forward. There’s an immediate improvement from a velocity perspective.

The entire Nitro team (including developers) has been focused on being able to stand this up for a sales organization within days, relative to our competition, which can take months.

Nitro’s class-leading user interface and user experience features make adoption simple. Sales reps are not only accelerating the sales cycle, they’re interacting with it as an expert in a very short period of time. And because many sales professionals live in Salesforce, we’ve got deep integration with the platform.

All this leads up to a super-lean, easy to deploy eSignature software solution that helps reps control the pace of selling and contract execution.

Q: What type of support does Nitro provide to organizations adopting its solutions?

A key Nitro differentiator in this sales 2.0 era is the effective support of customers, both before and after the sale.

We believe pre-sale information has got to dive deep into pain points and their implications for a given organization or customer to really add significant value. So what we do is conduct an accelerated value assessment (AVA). The AVA enables clients to connect with our sales engineers. Our intention is to genuinely assess business objectives, client needs, and their technical environment. At the conclusion of the AVA, we present our findings and demonstrate material return in the event of rollout.

After the sale, we have very tailored and customizable onboarding programs and fast-start initiatives to ensure users and technical support staff are trained and up and running quickly, and they become experts in no time at all. Our industry-leading Customer Success team picks up from there, addressing any questions or challenges that arise post-rollout.