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Avoid Time Sheet Panic: A #NeedNitro Story


Meeting deadlines can often be stressful, doubly so when you don’t have the right tools to get the job done – and when the job equals a paycheck. Case in point: submitting your time sheet.

For the past year and a half, James has been employed by an online legal publication. A pro of working online is that all work can be done electronically from home (making every day casual Friday). However, a major con of working online is the hassle associated with submitting a timesheet log of work hours. In James’ case, this was a painstaking process. To submit his time sheet James would have to go through the steps of:

1) Finding a printer (his home office doesn’t have one) to print out a new copy of the 3-page timesheet.

2) Filling everything out and signing the sheet, the old paper and pen way.

3.) Finding a scanner to upload and convert his signed documents into a PDF.

4.) Emailing the completed PDF to his boss.

The whole ordeal was highly inconvenient. First of all, it just wasn’t practical. Second, not only did it force James to find time to go through the monotonous process involved with printing, scanning, uploading, and emailing, but he didn’t have the luxury of owning a printer. Which meant bi-monthly he was hounding a friend (and straining a friendship) to borrow their machine. Also, James would have to refill out all the basic information (like his name, SSN, work ID, etc.) over and over again.

And finally, it didn’t work because it wasn’t a sustainable process. Last week, James found himself in crisis mode when he couldn’t find a printer or scanner to borrow. The night before his timesheet was due, James’ documents were stuck on his computer, incomplete and with no way of getting them to his boss. It was looking like he’d be eating Top Ramen for the next month – if his time sheet wasn’t submitted in time, payday would be put on hold.

Amidst his panic, a friend told James to check out Nitro’s online software, Nitro Cloud to sign his paperwork. Having no other option, and no printers in sight, he decided he would try it as a last ditch effort to stay afloat financially for July.

Here’s how simple it was:

Step One: Fill out the required information

Pro Tip: you can create templates in Nitro Cloud, so you don’t have to refill out the same info.

Step Two: Share your document

It took James less than five minutes to complete his timesheet and send it off to his boss. With an hour to spare he was able to keep his fridge stocked and rent paid, all while making him a true Nitro believer in the process.

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