5 Ways to Shift from Siloed Enterprise to Collaborative Powerhouse

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A siloed workforce is one of the most common hurdles to collaboration and productivity in organizations around the globe. If your various departments aren’t working together, communicating, or have an understanding of one another’s roles, then you’re likely working in silos. This not only risks having multiple teams working simultaneously on the very same project or goals, but it also prevents the collaboration that helps organizations innovate and grow.  

According to our recent Future of Work report, nearly 30% of workers claim an increased focus on collaboration would improve their organization. But how can you improve cross-department collaboration in a remote work world? Here are some ways to start breaking down the silos:

1. Promote open communication

First things first: set a standard. Make sure all your employees, regardless of department, know they’re working together to meet the same goals. Communicate unity and collaboration from the top down, and encourage your team members to communicate with department leaders and each other. Everyone should know what the organizational goals are, and feel comfortable information sharing.

2. Adopt collaborative tools

A successful collaborative workforce requires tools. Your teams should all have access to the same digital tools and be trained on how to use them. If document sharing, PDF editing, and eSigning solutions are only available to a select few employees, it not only hurts productivity, but also diminishes opportunities for collaboration. Adopting a document productivity platform that everyone can access promotes idea and solution sharing. 

3. Encourage cross-functional training

Take the time for cross-functional training so that various departments understand what others are doing and can identify opportunities to work together. Consider creating a group of “in-department” experts who keep track of what’s going on across the organization and can quickly pinpoint possibilities for cross-team collaboration.

4. Adopt more efficient workflows

Adopt digital tools or solutions that encourage more efficient workflows. This will help teams complete projects more quickly with fewer errors and more automation. When team members can easily provide feedback, review comments, and organize documents it streamlines projects and ensures goals are being met. It can help to invest in a platform that integrates with storage solutions you may already have, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box. 

5. Set enterprise-wide goals

In addition to communicating your mission enterprise-wide, you should also analyze whether your workforce is meeting those organizational goals. Is your goal to provide customers the most seamless digital experience possible? Or to provide the fastest service of any competitors? Whatever your company’s key goals are, make sure all departments understand them and also know how they contribute to achieving them. 

Turning your workforce into a collaborative powerhouse won’t happen overnight, but it will get there eventually. Once it does, you’ll notice a huge difference in your employees’ productivity and happiness. 

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