Nitro for Education: 5 Scholarly Ways to Use PDF Files

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While digital documents are serious business, they’re not just for businesses. A large majority of students and members of the academic community are reading, creating, and collaborating with PDF files regularly.

PDFs & documentation in education

Classes are back in session and online schooling is here to stay. We asked our community for feedback on how they use digital documents for education. Here are five great ways students and teachers alike are finding essential ways of using, organizing, and eliminating paper waste by using PDF documents:

  1. Create and combine PDF documents from any format. Turn large excel sheets into PDFs and combine all your lecture notes, reports, presentations and lesson plans into easy-to-share PDF files.
  2. Convert files to and from PDFs. Convert PDFs to their native Word, Excel or PowerPoint formats for easier formatting and quicker editing
  3. Collaborate on projects with other students and teachers. Review, markup, bookmark, and give feedback directly on the file, and save to the cloud for easy sharing.
  4. Sign and return documents electronically. Fill out, sign, and approve any type of documentation, from permission slips to applications.
  5. Scan and convert paper documents to searchable and editable PDF files. Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) transforms scans into dynamic documents you can edit and search, allowing you to quickly locate key terms instead of speed reading. Lightening the load of your backpack is a nice perk, too!

Individual uses for PDFs in education

Remote learning is now standard from all levels of education these days. Having a school-wide, digitized system has many advantages listed above, but you can also purchase Nitro for personal use. Do everything you need with PDFs—create, convert, edit, sign, and review PDF documents to send to your colleagues, students, and parents of students. 

  1. eSign documents with any web browser: Sending permission slips might look a little different these days. Paper slips, of any form, are lost in transit, damaged, or not completed in a timely manner. With Nitro, a teacher can send a permission slip directly to guardians via email to ask for their electronic signature.
  2. Acknowledgement of documents: Behavior incidents happen. Missed homework happens. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to send a notice directly to a guardian instead of relying on a student to deliver it? You can do so with Nitro Sign™, while getting notifications when it has been viewed and signed.
  3. Create organization and streamlined processes: Do you have a lesson plan that you need to send to a substitute while you’re remote? Have an IEP that you want to share with your board and administration? Nitro provides a single solution for your document workflows, from start (creation) to finish (sending and signing).

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