Remote Work Best Practices with These Tools

While some people have the natural ability to stay on task and avoid distractions, the rest of us are learning how to navigate our new reality of working from home and have to be tactful in how we get the most out of each day. With the boom of incredible time-saving technology, access to thought leadership from top executives, and handy specialized applications, it’s easier than ever to power through to-do lists and become a bona fide productive professional.

Remote workforces require the right tools to seamlessly work from anywhere—and while video conferencing and centralized communication platforms are powerful ways to keep employees connected, there’s another secret weapon that can be overlooked: document accessibility, communication, and simplicity.

Remote Work Best Practices with 4 Simple Solutions

1. Put Distractions Away for Later

Whether it’s a coworker sending you a funny YouTube video or a news story you want to read, don’t let outside influences veer you off course. Pocket, the save-for-later service, is genius for collecting interesting articles, videos, and more. You can access all the saved content on your phone, tablet or computer so you won’t experience the pangs of workplace FOMO for long.

2. Track Your Hours like a Lawyer

Even if you don’t get paid hourly or keep a timesheet, tracking your hours can be an incredibly productive. Having a timesheet in your business can be a very important tool to help keep track of how many hours an employee is working and/or their total amount of wages. Most businesses may decide to use a system such as this Deputy’s timesheet app to help them do this efficiently and accurately.

3. Stop Doing “Paperwork”

With incredible technology at our fingertips, we now have the luxury to spend less time on “paperwork” and more time on work. Whether it’s signing a form, collaborating on a PDF, or preparing a sales contract, documents are everywhere. With Nitro, you can create, prepare, and sign documents electronically without the use of a printer, scanner or pen. Instead of emailing a document and patiently waiting to hear back, use Nitro Cloud and see when a recipient opens, views, and eSigns the document in real-time.

4. Be Your Own Project Manager

For those that don’t have a personal assistant to handle all the minute details of projects, we must rely on our own organization skills. This can be a problem for some of us. Use Trello, a free and visual way to organize projects and key players. The platform’s easy-to-use workflows let you upload files, pictures, comments, and more.

Try Nitro for Your Remote Reality

As the eSigning solution of the Nitro Productivity Suite, Nitro Cloud enables anyone to make an unlimited number of eSignature requests that can be completed from any device with a mobile browser. Anyone can use the basic version of Nitro Cloud for free. Just start your account here.

For larger teams and businesses, contact us today about a free managed trial for your team.