4. Our Journey to Remote Work: We’re all in the Same Boat

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When you’re learning a new skill, it’s natural to lean on those who’ve “been there, done that.” As many people—Nitronauts included—are suddenly working from home, we’re finding that there’s an opportunity to learn from others too.

We asked a few Nitronauts a series of questions on their new remote work reality. The fourth question on Our Journey to Remote Work series: What’s your best piece of advice that’s helped you adjust to remote work?

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Once you get comfortable, the benefits of working from home become clearer. Not only can you save a great deal of time otherwise spent commuting, but you can hunker down in a space of your own and work at your own pace. We asked our awesome Nitronauts to share their best tips to help you settle in to working remotely.

Tip 1: Guard your off hours

Sarah Wille, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Chicago

When I started my full-time remote role with Nitro almost two years ago, working 100% remotely was a big adjustment. I needed to figure out what worked best for me. You will have to decide when you are on the clock and when you are off duty. Shutting down at the end of your day is essential. Don’t be tempted to log in nights and weekends if you can help it. Giving yourself something every day during [commute] times to look forward to can be very helpful. Whether that’s something small like a yummy snack, booking a virtual happy hour with your friends, or even just going on a walk.

Tip 2: Find the happy medium between structure and flexibility

Ann Marie Ryan, Partner Marketing Manager, Dublin

When there is no office to work from, the way you work will change. It is important to find yourself a routine, but it is equally important to realize when you are working from home how hard it can be to stay on a proper schedule. Finding the right balance is key. If, for example, it is a sunny day and you want to take a longer lunch break and then work in the evening when it’s dark, well then, you need to allow yourself that. Nitro has been great about supporting us to find a way of working that’s productive. Find out what works for you and be flexible with yourself.

Tip 3: Make time for work-life-balance

York Ng, Senior Accountant, San Francisco

The biggest lesson I learned so far is to take steps to manage your personal life without getting distracted from work. One way that I have been doing this is by scheduling time for grabbing a coffee, food breaks, and exercise activities in my calendar. Before this, my hours were all blending together and as someone who loves to eat, I was surprised that I found myself forgetting to eat. When I get back to work after doing something like going for a walk, I feel more focused and energized.

Every individual and team work differently

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