2. Our Journey to Remote Work: Routine

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In early March as the global pandemic escalated quickly, Nitro made the decision to mandate a work-from-home (WFH) policy for all employees—across offices in San Francisco, Dublin, Melbourne, and London. This was a big change, but one we knew was for the best.

Like many companies, we have colleagues who have always worked remotely 100% of the time and employees who are navigating remote work for the very first time. We asked a few of these Nitronauts a series of questions on their new remote work reality. The second question on Our Journey to Remote Work series: Do you have a routine when working remotely?

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Tip 1: Develop a morning routine

Sarah Wille, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Chicago

I am a creature of habit. My morning routine is the same every day. Just to give you a glimpse of mine: I get up and while I am getting my morning coffee ready, I have a few moments of mindfulness to begin my day. I take my dog for a walk. The combination of the fresh air and the sunshine wakes me up, even if you do not have a dog, just take a to-go mug of coffee and walk around the block. Getting outside before starting your day is a huge help.

Tip 2: Get some fresh air every day

Ann Marie Ryan, Partner Marketing Manager, Dublin

It’s important to maintain your morning routine. I have swapped my commute time with a morning online yoga class that I can do in my living room. I make sure that I get out for a lunchtime walk. Back in the office it did not matter if I did not get outside in the middle of the day but now it’s essential to get some mid-day fresh air, plus it makes for a more productive afternoon.

Tip 3: Find some innovative ways to exercise each day

York Ng, Senior Accountant, San Francisco

I am translating what I did at the office to home. I start the day with caffeine whether it’s coffee or tea. At Nitro, we have a “#homework” Slack channel to make sure we keep moving throughout the day. Every hour you get a message to do a particular exercise challenge…anything from scissor kicks to squats. It always starts a conversation so not only are we moving but we get to have some of the usual office conversations that we all miss.


Every individual and team work differently

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