1. Our Journey to Remote Work: Adapting

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In early March as the global pandemic escalated quickly, Nitro made the decision to mandate a work-from-home (WFH) policy for all employees—across offices in San Francisco, Dublin, Melbourne, and London. This was a big change, but one we knew was for the best. Like many companies, we have colleagues who have always worked remotely 100% of the time and also employees who are navigating remote work for the very first time. We asked a few of these Nitronauts a series of questions on remote work. The question to kick-off our Journey to Remote Work series: how are you adapting to working 100% remotely?

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Sarah Wille, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Chicago

“We all know everyone is shifting to remote work. It is good news for Nitro—having a PDF and eSigning tool is more important than ever. I am busier now than I have ever been at Nitro, helping our customers deploy Nitro as part of their shift to this new normal of working remote. Many of our customers want to deploy our software—they want to start working with Nitro Cloud if they haven’t already”.

Ann Marie Ryan, Partner Marketing Manager, Dublin

“My daily routine had changed dramatically. I no longer have a schedule where I began my day with my commute, had a regular lunch break, or went to the gym after work. That set routine is gone. Previously when working from home, it was for one day here and there and because it was so infrequent, I did not need to adopt a new routine. Now I need to find a new routine because it is a very different scenario working from my kitchen table to working in an office full of people”.

York Ng, Senior Accountant, San Francisco

“On the finance side, I have noticed a lot of folks I work with are changing. Finance is notoriously slow to change but now they are forced to change. Normally when you set up a new payment system with a customer there is a ton of paperwork and I am getting inundated with all that paperwork. I am noticing that companies are moving in the direction of getting rid of paper. We have seen a lot of emails that companies are no longer accepting checks. At Nitro, our offices are paperless but, we are still getting paper [from external sources]. So, while we have managed to control it internally the amount of external paper coming in has been a challenge. A courier has just brought all the paper from the office to my house right now. So that is the temporary solution, but we are thinking of a longer-term solution of how we minimize that in the future”.

Every individual and team work differently

It’s important to learn how to work from home in a way that’s best for you. If you’re looking for ways to up your productivity while working from home, Nitro Cloud enables anyone to make an unlimited number of eSignature requests that can be completed from any device with a mobile browser. Anyone can use the basic version of Nitro Cloud. It’s easy to use, it’s free, and it’s forever. Start your account here.

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