Coronavirus (COVID-19): How We’re Helping Each Other, and You

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What an extraordinary time we are in. The COVID-19 situation has escalated dramatically, and over the past few days we’ve seen the global public health crisis affect our everyday lives more than we ever could have previously imagined.

Nitro’s Coronavirus Action Plan

Keeping our Nitronauts safe and healthy during this pandemic is top of my concerns. Last week, we discouraged any non-essential business travel and encouraged those feeling unwell to be sure to stay home. Given how rapidly the coronavirus situation has evolved, we now know that simply suggesting these guidelines is not enough. Our headquarters city of San Francisco, Dublin, and every city where our Nitronauts may be, have instituted more drastic measures in an effort to slow down this pandemic. Nitro must do our part to protect our team, our families, our customers and partners, and the communities where we all work and live.

This week, in addition to suspending any business travel and events indefinitely, we also made the decision to implement a mandatory work-from-home (WFH) policy for all global offices. Fortunately for us, working from any location and across time zones is not a new way to work and we already have many employees working remotely on a permanent basis. But while we may be used to WFH to some degree, the scale and likely time frame we’re planning for now certainly presents some new challenges for our team. At the same time, we also know that this is likely to shape the future of how we all work moving forward, so we are committed and prepared for the long haul.

Here’s what we’re doing now to ensure business continuity for our team, customers, and partners:

Work From Home or Work From Anywhere, the Nitro Way

We are making sure that every Nitronaut can do their job just as effectively from their homes. This means that they are equipped with everything they need and have all of the tools we use to support working from anywhere: We use a myriad of solutions every day like Office 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack, RingCentral, JIRA, Confluence, and of course the Nitro Productivity Suite. All of these facilitate “business as usual” when it comes to how we get work done from anywhere.

Amid COVID-19, Nitro is Open for Business

While we are all WFH and adjusting quickly, it goes without saying that Nitro will continue to operate and work with our customers and partners with the same commitment and service level as always. Despite our inability to do face-to-face meetings for the foreseeable future, we are confident that the experience for our customers and partners will be just as great as they’ve come to expect from us. In fact, our Customer Success team is looking at all of the best customer relationships that we’ve been able to build with distributed teams around the world, and applying those best practices where possible to help our customers adjust and scale their own remote workforces as well.

Enjoy Unlimited, Free Nitro Cloud, On Us

We know first-hand the power of giving every worker in an organization the digital document and workflow capabilities they need to do their jobs—anytime, anywhere. Starting today, anyone can use the basic version of Nitro Cloud, the eSigning solution of the Nitro Productivity Suite, for free. Nitro Cloud enables anyone to make an unlimited number of eSignature requests that can be completed from any device with a mobile browser, so we believe this will be beneficial to everyone at this time—whether they are working remotely or need to get personal documents signed electronically. Equipped with Nitro, no one should ever again need to deal with a printer, paper, or even a pen. It’s easy to use, it’s free, and it’s forever. Just start your account here.

As the global situation continues to evolve, we’ll continue to assess what we’re doing at Nitro to ensure that our team remains safe, healthy, and performing well as we navigate what the future of work may look like from here. While I’m hopeful that we can all be together in person again soon, I’m encouraging every Nitronaut to continue to live our values of High Performance, No BS, and Be Good wherever they may be. We’ll always be “here” for each other, and that will never change.


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Local Resources Related to COVID-19:

At this time, the focus and utmost importance is the health and safety of all under the Nitro umbrella. Provided are local COVID-19 related resources for all areas of your workforce:

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