Feature Focus: Two-Factor Authentication for Secure eSignatures

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The traditional way of signing forms and documents is changing—from paper to paperless. Customers need to be able to sign agreements from anywhere, at any time, on any device. For confidential agreements, such as legal or financial, security is paramount. Nitro’s two-factor authentication (2FA)* provides an extra layer of protection to eSigning workflows — ensuring that your data and documents stay secure with Nitro.

Agreements today demand higher standards of authentication compared with simple email verification. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure no one sees or processes your data unless they’re authorized to do so. Before viewing or signing a shared document, recipients are required to enter a unique access code to prove their identity.

Choosing to add multi-factor authentication to eSignature requests, increases the integrity of the process and enables you to provide your customers with the confidence that your organization takes security seriously.

New multi-factor authentication options allow the sender to control whether they want to share an access code manually or via SMS.

Setting up 2FA is easy, here’s how to enable it:   
Set up a document for 2FA by sharing an access code manually with the recipient. See how to here.

For a more secure and seamless user experience for both the sender and the recipient, use the SMS authentication option.

How to activate SMS authentication:

1. The sender specifies the recipient’s mobile phone number in a request, and a unique access code is automatically delivered via SMS to the recipient.

2. When the eSignature request is sent, the recipient receives an email notification with a link to the document. Opening the link prompts the recipient to enter the case-sensitive access code received via SMS.

3. Once both steps are completed, the recipient is granted access to view and sign the agreement.

Nitro Cloud remains the fastest way to request eSignatures, helping to move business forward with simple, intuitive eSignature workflows backed by enterprise-grade security and supported by any tablet, desktop, or mobile device.

Visit our knowledge base to learn more.

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*Available on ‘Enterprise’ plan only 
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