Nitro Launches IPO: The Beginning of the Next Fifteen Years

Today Nitro is becoming a public company on the ASX, and we are proud that we have forged the foundations of what we expect to be an enduring software company. When we founded Nitro nearly 15 years ago, we had a simple vision: we wanted to make document productivity easy, powerful, affordable, and available to all. Today, Nitro serves millions of users every month, counts thousands of businesses, government agencies and educational institutions as its customers, and has been deployed at scale at some of the world’s largest and best-known companies. 

Our focus at Nitro has always been serving our customers, and we are hyperfocused on our customers’ success. We started by helping individuals and small businesses do more with their documents, and today we are now helping drive digital transformation at some of the largest companies in the world. With the Nitro Productivity Suite, companies can easily and affordably extend PDF productivity and unlimited eSigning to more users and more workflows across the organizationwith measurable impact on productivity and print reduction. 

I want to thank every Nitronaut around the world, past and present – each of you has helped make this milestone possible. I also want to thank all of our customers and partners across the globe for joining us and being a part of the Nitro journey. While we couldn’t be any prouder of what we’ve accomplished together so far, we know there is a lot more still to achieve and we intend to deliver on our promise to transform the way the world works with documents. 

At Nitro, we envision a world of 100% digital document workflows, the end of paper forms and signatures, delightful product experiences for daily document tasks, and powerful productivity for everyoneThat original vision was conceived in a Melbourne laneway back in 2005, but today is truly serving the worldWe can’t wait to see what the next 15 years will bring.