Tech in Gov 2019 – Driving Digital Change Through Employee Experience

This month, Tech in Gov held its 13th annual event in Canberra, Australia. Senior public and private sector IT experts came together to learn, network and source solutions for the ongoing digital transformation within government.     

The Nitro team was in Canberra for the two days helping attendees better understand how they can achieve true digital transformation success. As a gold sponsor, we not only enjoyed the opportunity to give live demonstrations of Nitro’s solution to many of the 2600 people in attendance, but we were also honored to host a roundtable for delegates. 

So, what did you miss at the event? A lot! The Nitro team, led by our VP of APAC Sales, Michael Helder, facilitated a roundtable discussion; ‘The X Factor: Why Employee Experience – not Customer Experience – is the next frontier of competitive advantage’. During the roundtable, Nitro discussed the current rate of digital transformation within government bodies and how this impacts employee satisfaction.  

This topic really seemed to resonate with attendees, and despite a choice of 20 roundtables, our employee experience discussion was very well attended. We were joined by representatives from the Department of Defense, the Department of Health, Australia Post, Worksafe Victoria, CSIRO, the Department of Education, the Queensland Police, SES, and many more. 

Some of the key takeaways: 

  • Employee Experience was a topic front and center for many government bodies in attendance. The relationship between employee satisfaction, IT resourcing, and the potential cost savings sparked real debate at the event. In fact, Nitro is running a live webinar on this very topic to delve a little deeper. 
  • The document cycle of ‘print-sign-scan’ is still a common time-consuming and costly pain point for businesses. The ability to 100% digitize workflows was discussed as a way to not only remove this unnecessary pain point, but also increase overall efficiency and cost savings. 
  • Government bodies are much the same as any other organization. They are eager to digitally transform their business but knowing where to begin and how to measure it can be a challenge. Nitro recently ran a webinar, in conjunction with GigaOm, where we discussed this very challenge and offered up some thoughts on how to approach digital transformation. 

Nitro currently help both Federal and State governments reap the benefits of extending PDF productivity and unlimited eSigning across their teams. The Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and the Department of Jobs, Precincts, and Regions are all using Nitro to work 100% digitally. Attendees found it refreshing to hear that Nitro can help boost productivity and sustainability initiatives by delighting employees with the digital tools they love. They—and your bottom line—will thank you. 

To learn about how Nitro can help boost your team’s productivity, click here.  

Tech in Gov in short: Great strides have been made in digital transformation within government, but specific ICT solutions play an integral part in the ongoing modernization in the public sector.  

We look forward to seeing you at Tech in Gov next year!