Nitro Productivity Webinar: The Surprising Link Between Employee Satisfaction, Digital Workflows, and IT Resourcing

Today, organizations are in a nonstop battle for talent and they know to remain relevant and grow, they need to prioritize employee satisfaction more than ever. Making (and keeping) employees happy is multifaceted, but one thing is for certain: empowered employees are happier employees. Happy employees not only create a positive, healthy culture, they also produce better business outcomes. 

Employee attrition is often a very big but HIDDEN cost for companies, many of which struggle to uncover the “why” behind it. The question is – what’s getting in the way of achieving employee fulfillment?  

One study shows that 92% of employees say that having the technology to efficiently do their jobs improves their overall satisfaction in their work.  

In our own research, we’ve found a direct link between employees who are unsatisfied with IT resourcing at their companies, and those looking to change jobs. We hosted an informal webinar including a special sneak peek at insights from the 2020 Nitro Productivity Report

At Nitro, we face a lot of “how” questions, as customers look to give everyone access to agile tools to work with documents anytime, anywhere. Watch our webinar, and in just one hour you’ll learn more about how to delight your employees with the digital tools they love. They—and your bottom line—will thank you.