Nitro Productivity Webinar: A Digital Solution to Workplace Stress and Inefficiency

It’s difficult to believe, given all the recent rapid digital progress, that organizations are struggling to simplify processes. Despite changes to how businesses innovate and employees work, workplace stress is increasing. Out-of-date systems and processes are impacting multiple areas from slowing down sales cycles and approval processes to poor data quality. Transforming document workflows to be 100% digital from end to end is a complex task but when achieved it can empower employees and reduce printing and operational costs.   

We have just finished analyzing data for the 2019 Nitro Productivity Report, and we’ve uncovered some pretty significant insights. For example, 44% of employees say they work with 11+ documents every day, and this group also reports the highest levels of stress among respondents. What’s behind this connection?  

We hosted a webinar including a special sneak peek at insights from the 2020 Nitro Productivity Report.  

We were delighted to chat with fellow Nitro team members and to discuss the role workflows (especially with documents) play in building workplace stress.  

Watch the recorded webinar and in just one hour, you’ll discover ways that employers can boost employee efficiency and reduce stress by improving things with specific digital solutions. 

You’ll learn more about how to: 

  • Give everyone access to the tools they need to efficiently do their jobs 
  • Eliminate workflow bottlenecks
  • Increase efficiency  

Don’t miss the chance to discover how to improve workflows and make daily processes more digital.