The PDF Form: Improving How People Work in 2019

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From contracts to reports to purchase orders for Friday bagels, PDFs are everywhere. The ubiquitous file format—once hailed as a unique and revolutionary innovation—is now as commonplace as breakroom coffee. For proof, look no further than your inbox, where a majority of all email attachments you send and receive are PDFs.

Despite the PDF’s proliferation, the majority of workers don’t have access to PDF productivity solutions (whereas nearly all workers have access to Microsoft Office). Of the PDF’s many features, the fillable fields form has, by far, the greatest potential to transform the modern office and improve how your employees work. Below we will explore the benefits of the PDF form, its vital role in support of your modern workforce, and as a tool to retain customer loyalty.

Unlimited Workflows

A powerful PDF productivity solution provides advanced desktop editing that enables simple, intuitive, and unlimited workflows for completing forms and eSigning documents. With Nitro by your side, you can:

  • Drag and drop text boxes with an interface that provides ease of use and encourages staff adoption.
  • Easily duplicate fields and add drop-down menus.
  • Enjoy a standardized format that provides the same experience to any user on any system, whether collecting survey data, filling out a purchase order, or preparing a patient form.
  • Turn forms from nearly any other application into a PDF, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and other programs.
  • Scan paper documents into ready-to-use templates, easily editable with drag-and-drop.

An eSign solution is a critical component to efficient, form-based workflows, whether it’s a quick signature to keep an HR onboarding process moving along, regular sign-offs on monthly payroll, or an encrypted digital signature for a contract or confidential memo. An eSign solution also reduces costs and saves time with fewer trips to the printer and less paper wasted on countless iterations of a contract or work order, eliminating the dreaded dance of print, sign, scan, repeat.

Work from Anywhere

More employees than ever are spending at least a portion of their hours working remotely—43 percent according to a 2017 Gallup survey, which represents a 4 percent bump over five years. Data shows that this trend increases productivity, lowers stress, and is a big plus when courting a millennial workforce.

Your remote teams require tools that function seamlessly at home or work, on a laptop or on your phone. Add and remove pages or entire documents, organize and rotate pages, combine multiple files of different types, convert to and from PDF format, reduce a file’s size, and share your documents with anyone who has an email address, all from any device.

Insurance agents in the field have a particular need for this type of flexibility, as Sonja McElroy, Director of Information Systems at insurance brokerage Hays Companies can attest. “Insurance is a very document-heavy industry,” she says. “It takes a lot of time to handle paper and our workforce doesn’t have any extra time. Nitro creates cost savings, efficiencies, and increased productivity.”

Reduced Costs

It’s all well and good to dream of unlimited workflows and a remote, connected office, but how do you work that into the budget? With legacy vendors, that can be a steep road to climb. But PDF form platforms like the Nitro Productivity Suite present all of these features at a fraction of the cost. These savings are most keenly felt with an eSign solution, as an astounding 51 percent of print jobs are meant for a signature. This contributes to document management bloat, which can cost up to $27,000 annually, and produces an average of 5,000 pages per month.

Additional financial incentives include:

  • Sharing and tracking documents with much greater ease
  • Accelerating your business process with streamlined internal operations
  • Using less paper, toner, and ink to dramatically reduce your printer footprint
  • Seeing a lot less of the printer maintenance guy
  • Giving your customers peace of mind that you will treat their data securely

Happy Employees

Today’s workforce yearns for productivity and empowerment. The right tools attract the right employees—they are the value creators for your organization. PDF productivity can foster employee engagement, resulting in teams that work faster, smarter, and with a stronger connection to the company’s brand and values. In short, you will win the war for talent.

Your Enterprise IT Solution

Top of mind for enterprise IT leaders is to find the most efficient way for their companies to do business by accelerating business processes, saving money, and improving the customer experience. A modern, integrated PDF productivity and eSigning solution supports that objective.
Learn more about Overcoming Digital Workplace Challenges with Smarter Document Management in this infographic.

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