The Real Value Behind Converting PDFs: Saving Time

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A document productivity solution that efficiently allows you to combine and break apart any document is a truly powerful thing. The ubiquity and power of PDFs is undeniable, and you need a tool that improves productivity as well as customer and employee satisfaction and reduces waste.

With the inefficiencies of the paper-heavy workforce behind them, your employees will feel empowered to excel and take pride in their shared successes. A standardized PDF productivity solution implemented across your entire organization simplifies and accelerates workflows, puts everyone on a level playing field, and allows them to more effectively communicate and collaborate.

Never Re-Create a File Again

You’ve worked hard to write that report or design that presentation—every image perfectly placed, every boldface, italic, and underline carefully chosen. And your heart breaks just a little as you see it all turn to digital mush when an inferior conversion program fails to retain all that hard-won formatting. You then have to spend countless hours re-creating the file in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Proper PDF conversion ensures that every element of your document remains just as you intended.

Converting PDFs Fast in Just a Few Clicks

With just a few taps on your trackpad or phone, Nitro quickly converts your files to PDF, or from PDF to other file types.

  • Pulling text from a PDF into Microsoft Office can make editing and updating much simpler. Nitro Pro retains the document’s formatting—fonts, format, images firmly in place. Converting back to PDFis just as simple. In addition, you can extract single images as individual files.
  • Most major file formats are at your fingertips: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, and rich text.
  • Emails, attachments, even entire folders become universally accessible by converting to PDF.

Your virtual file cabinets are cluttered with dozens, if not hundreds, of documents twiddling their thumbs waiting for conversion. No more waiting as your reader converts one lonely file at a time—entire folders now become PDFs with a single click.

The Feature Everyone Needs

Your modern workforce requires the speed and potential for collaboration that digital workflows provide on any device at any time. We live and work at a pace that can no longer accommodate slow, paper-based processes.

When you provide comprehensive digital tools across your organization that easily facilitate PDF conversion, you remove wasteful, siloed legacy processes. You remove extraneous costs that bring down your bottom line. You remove the excuses that hold your company back from reaching its full potential.

Save Time — Start Converting PDFs Now

When you’re able to easily convert documents to a PDF (and convert them back again), it saves you time and money, boosts team morale, and keeps your modern workforce doing their jobs simply, quickly, and smartly.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Most organizations save up to 50 percent when they implement Nitro for all employees.
  • With far fewer physical documents to mark up, scan, and send back to your colleagues, you can save as much as 50 percent of printing costs.
  • After conversion, someone at some point will likely need to sign your document. A comprehensive eSign solution casts aside bottlenecks and can reduce turnaround time by 80 percent.

Sound like something that appeals to your business? Get started today with our primer on PDF conversion to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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