Give Your Employees What They Need: A Modern PDF Annotator

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The ideal workplace fosters an environment of collaboration—but the best of intentions can get stuck in a swamp of edits with multiple stakeholders commenting in a separate Word doc or, even worse, by hand on paper.

As millennials now outnumber all other generations in the workforce, it’s essential that businesses understand the modern, digital tools that these digitally native workers expect to get the job done. A compelling employee experience and streamlined workflows lead to a stronger brand, a better company culture, and, in turn, more satisfied customers.

The solution? It’s already here! Nitro Pro: the modern PDF annotator that can accommodate all of the cooks in a very busy kitchen.

The Simple Beauty of PDF Annotation

In Nitro’s simple, elegant system, the annotation layer floats above the content layer, like a sliver of glass over a printed sheet of paper. Some of the annotation tool’s best features include:

  • The content layer contains all of the work you put into the document—including images, form fields, and most text. Many PDF files only have a content layer.
  • The annotation layer contains all of the feedback on your work, such as comments and markups, which can be edited, moved, or deleted without affecting the content layer. Options include highlight, crossout, underline, or replace.
  • Contributors can directly comment on annotations made by others in the review group.
  • With the “view comments” tool, users can see all text, drawings, stamps, and attachment markups at a glance.
  • These two layers are kept as separate objects within the file, so the content remains static and safe while you go to town on markups.

Valuable Solutions for Project Managers

Nitro’s PDF annotation features provides benefits across all teams within your company, particularly in the realm of project management. It closes workflow gaps in transitional project phases where communication tends to break down—and because annotations are attributed to each individual author, it removes the administrative hassle of tracking feedback or other comments.

Nitro annotation removes version confusion and keeps everyone on task. Permissions can be set to enable comments or annotations while restricting actual content editing. This is helpful during the feedback and review process, when crucial final tweaks are needed without potentially writing over previously approved material.

Your Playbook for Seamless Collaboration

Millennials—making up 35 percent of the U.S. workforce—expect trackable, digital feedback to be standard on any project and universally compatible with any PDF program. Luckily, Nitro has you covered.

  • Reply directly to your colleagues’ notes, and every comment will be attributed to the corresponding author for easy-to-follow conversations. Aggregate all notes into a single view for a convenient summary of feedback.
  • Automate the identification of discrepancies between two versions of a file, instead of manually checking PDFs side by side.
  • Mark a document “Paid,” “Approved,” “Copy,” or anything else you want with convenient pre-loaded and customizable digital stamps.

Tools Designed for Your Needs

Annotations and markup are just one aspect of a suite of tools that can make your work more pleasant, productive, and 100 percent digital. Although many companies boast a PDF editor that claims to solve every business problem—some of which you may have used for over a decade—software is useful only when it meets your current needs.

Costly add-ons and upgrades that are common at legacy providers offer bells and whistles that may not contribute anything to your company. So consider a technology partner that provides scalable solutions designed to meet your organization—where it is and where it’s going.
Find out more about how a modern PDF annotator can contribute to your overall productivity in our Electronic Document Management & Productivity infographic.

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