Webinar Recap: See Nitro’s Newest Features in Action

In our last webinar, Problem Solved: How Nitro’s Latest Enhancements Help You Work Even Smarter, Director of Product Kevin O’Donnell and Product Manager Egle Venclovaite gave us a closer look at some of the most important recent updates to Nitro Pro, and discussed how these improvements directly addressed document challenges voiced by Nitro customers.

If you weren’t able to attend the live session (or enjoyed it so much you’d like to share the content with a colleague!), here’s a quick summary of what was covered. You’ll also find a full recording of the webinar by scrolling down.

  • Viewing and Securing CAD Documents: We reviewed Nitro’s improved ability to convert CAD (computer aided design) documents to PDF; how users can view, share, and mark up these documents in Nitro Pro; and how to use Nitro Pro and Microsoft Rights Management Services together to protect these types of documents.
  • Working with Multiple Documents and Monitors: We also got a look at Nitro’s new ability to enable working with multiple documents and monitors. Users can now drag documents out into new windows, drag and drop pages between documents, and copy and paste content between documents–quickly and easily.
  • Converting to PDF: Nitro Pro 11’s improved conversion speed was showcased as well, showing a side-by-side comparison of Nitro Pro 10 and Nitro Pro 11 converting the same large Word document to PDF. Nitro Pro 11 performed significantly faster.
  • Reducing Printing: Lastly, we had a look at our new print reduction features, meant to encourage users to complete their workflows using Nitro Pro instead of printing, where possible. These options, including eSignatures and form filling, are shown to users on the print dialog menu.

Watch the full webinar here:

FAQs Answered

Finally, we had some fantastic questions submitted by our attendees during the session. We didn’t have time to address all of them live, so we’ve answered as many as possible below. Thanks to all those who participated!

Q: What is the latest version of Nitro Pro, and how can I access it?
A: Visit http://www.gonitro.com/product to download the most recent update for Nitro Pro. We’re currently on version 11.0.7, and you must be using that version to take advantage of most of the enhancements we reviewed in the webinar.

Q: How do we set up eSignatures?
A: You can utilize Nitro Pro’s QuickSign feature to add your eSignature to a document. Watch this quick video tutorial to learn how to create and manage your QuickSign signatures in Nitro.

Q: Where can I find information on Microsoft Rights Management Services to protect our documents?
A: Nitro integrates with Microsoft RMS to enable organizations with an additional layer of protection for their sensitive documents. You can refer to this blog post to learn more about the integration, including how to set it up.

Q: I recently installed a Windows 10 update, and my Nitro Pro has been running slowly ever since. What’s the deal?
A: This is a known issue with the Microsoft update which has impacted the performance of some of their own applications as well. We are monitoring the situation and if we learn of anything we can do to help normalize Nitro’s performance, we will ensure our customers know.

Q: What is the best way to reduce my PDF’s file size?
A: There are a number of methods you can use to reduce the size of your PDF file. Learn about them in our User Guide and in this blog post.

Q: Is there a way to delete existing text in a document, rather than marking through it and placing a note next to it?
A: This is the beauty of having a PDF editor vs. a PDF reader! In Nitro, you’d just need to select the “Edit” tool on the left side of the main ribbon. For more info on text editing in Nitro Pro, check out this article in our User Guide.

Q: How do I set a default print scaling option, rather than having to choose it every time I print?
A: We added this new functionality in Nitro Pro 11.0.7! So, if you choose a certain page scaling option in the print dialog, Nitro Pro will retain this selection for the next time you print.

Q: Does Nitro Pro integrate with any online storage providers?
A: It does indeed. Nitro integrates with Nitro Cloud, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Sharepoint.

Q: How do you straighten a document, especially when using OCR?
A: Oftentimes, a scanned document will not be perfectly straight, which is why Nitro Pro has an Auto-Deskew feature! Learn more about how to use it in our user guide.

As Kevin mentioned during the webinar, we have a variety of support resources available to you. Browse our community support forum and submit your ideas for product improvements, search for your topic in our knowledge base and online user guide, or check out our release notes to see the latest and greatest features and improvements added to Nitro Pro. Remember, we’re here to help solve your document challenges!