Go on Vacation with Nitro

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Depending on where you live in the world, it’s either getting a lot hotter, or significantly colder, right now. Either way, chances are you need a break from the everyday. But let’s not kid ourselves, disconnecting is often harder than it sounds—and sometimes, it isn’t an option at all.

Savvy people like us know that today’s tech tools can actually make it easier to be on vacation AND be productive at the same time. Here are a few ways Nitro’s features can give you the productivity peace of mind to actually enjoy your hard-earned vacation:

Free your schedule…and your mind.

The buzz about eSigning never seems to die down, and for good reason. It decreases the typical signing workflow, reducing the time it takes to get documents signed from 6 or more hours per week to just minutes. Plus, you don’t have to wait 3+ days for a physical signature. Get your document signed in minutes, then start focusing on the more important things…like basking in the sun or sipping a cocktail.

With Nitro’s real-time notifications and activity tracking, you don’t even need to worry about constantly checking on your documents. We’ll let you know when there’s something to do.

Pack light.

Nitro’s integrations with many of the leading online storage providers, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, enable you to easily access your documents from anywhere. Just open your PDFs, and use Nitro to review, mark up, or convert your documents without having to spend time, effort, or luggage space on hard copies.

Dispense with distractions.

One of the most popular Nitro features, the customizable Home tab makes it lightning-quick to access the tools you use most. As a result, what you need is always right in front of you – and nothing else.

Also, Nitro’s expanded browser productivity enables you to accomplish quick, seamless work sessions from literally anywhere (or any device). You can put out any fires, then simply saunter back to the beach (or the slopes, or the trail…)

Thanks to Nitro, dealing with documents will be the least stressful part of planning your vacation. So check out Nitro’s options for individuals and businesses, then take that long-awaited break. You deserve it.

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