5 Easy Ways Your Business Can Participate in Earth Day

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Celebrated every year on April 22nd, Earth Day helps raise awareness and support for environmental protection.

Nitro has seen firsthand how corporate sustainability and paperless offices—two of our highest priorities—can not only help businesses save money but increase organization-wide productivity as well. While Nitro COO Gina O’Reilly recently highlighted some of the ways paperless offices can benefit organizations, organizations still face plenty of obstacles to going paperless, according to AIIM’s recent research.

Whether you want to take baby steps toward paperless or devote an entire day to volunteering, Earth Day is the perfect occasion for you and your organization to invest in the environment. Here are a few ideas for how you and your business can get involved this year:

1. Take a more sustainable form of transportation to work

  • Encourage your employees to walk, bike, carpool, or take public transportation to work on one of the days leading up to Earth Day!

Use less paper

  • Take time to evaluate how much paper you use at work, and think about how you can eliminate paper by implementing online tools.
  • Ask your employees to make a conscious effort to not print or use paper for a day surrounding Earth Day.

2. Organize a group volunteering activity

  • The best way to make an impact and raise environmental awareness is to organize a group volunteer activity. Some ideas for volunteer activities include: planting trees at a local park, organizing a park or beach cleanup day, volunteering at a local community garden, organizing a hike, or hosting an environmental documentary viewing party.

3. Encourage recycling and composting throughout your office

  • Why not consider hiring a company that offers eco-friendly commercial cleaning services such as Green Facilities? You do have some choice though, the Poppies Cleaning Service is also another good one to check out. Furthermore, make sure you have widely available, clearly marked recycling and composting bins throughout your office. If you don’t already have a recycling system in place, contacting a specialist firm such as this Waste Management Brisbane service could help your business find new ways to improve its environmental performance.
  • Organize a recycling drive that encourages employees to recycle any e-waste (such as old computers, printer cartridges, batteries, etc.). For more information about where to dispose of common e-waste in your office, check out this tool from the EPA: https://www.epa.gov/recycle

4. Reduce your building’s energy consumption

  • Replace light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs, and turn lights off at the end of the day.
  • Power down and unplug electronics before leaving the office.
  • Swap out any office cleaning supplies with green, non-toxic cleaners.
  • Stock your office’s kitchen with reusable mugs, cups, and utensils.

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