On International Women’s Day, We’re in This Together

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Today is no ordinary day.

Today, all over the world, people are marching, striking, wearing red, and honoring strong women to elevate the conversation around gender equality in the workplace and elsewhere. This is a particularly important conversation for the tech industry, and Nitro is no exception.

With only 25% of the tech and computing workforce populated by women, it’s clear that action needs to be taken to bridge the divide and provide more opportunities for #WomenInTech. This resolution is familiar to those in the tech space, where conversations regarding diversity and inclusion can sometimes prove to be more “talking the talk” than “walking the walk.” So, how do we realistically close the gap? Here are some of the ways Nitro is taking part:

Hiring Funnel

At Nitro, our staff is currently comprised of 30% women, and we continue to strive for more inclusion every day. In order to produce a diverse team, start from the very beginning—your hiring funnel, especially in primarily male-dominated departments such as engineering. Nitro’s explicit goal is a hiring funnel of a 50/50 split. By sourcing a candidate pool full of well-qualified, diverse, and balanced individuals, we’re able to continue to push the industry standards for women in tech and bring them in as Nitronauts.

Nitro Culture

By promoting a holistic culture where each individual makes a positive impact, we embrace diversity and celebrate differences. Before all else, a zero-tolerance policy sets the stage for employee-wide expectations of fairness and respect. Our Nitronauties, a Nitro-coined term for our awesome female staff, also take part in events to drive progress and promote positive female relationships rather than competition. Whether it’s supporting charities as part of Nitro Gives, attending networking and skills development events, or simply getting out for a casual meet-up, our Nitronauties foster a supportive environment for one another that creates an open, positive culture.


Even with the best intentions, many leaders approach tech’s gender divide with extreme solutions that tend to unfairly manipulate and tip the scale. Our very own female COO, Gina O’Reilly, promotes complementary collaboration, a balanced environment that embraces the different, complementary skills that each gender brings to the table and nurtures that relationship into a powerful force. By promoting women in roles from top to bottom and across all teams—Finance, Marketing, Employee Experience, Talent—Nitro’s setting the stage for an aligned team that drives innovation and change.

While these are all areas we’re proud of, we know we have more work to do to close the gap. On International Women’s Day, let’s all join forces to not only celebrate social, political, cultural, and economic achievements, but to also find ways that we can tangibly accelerate equality.

Ready to join the conversation? Check out the upcoming event “Female Leadership & Growing Ambition”  featuring Nitro’s Chief Operating Officer, Gina O’Reilly.

Interested in being part of a team championing gender diversity? View our open positions.

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