Change Management Research Confirms Need to Make Users Top Priority in New Software Implementations

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This is part 1 of 5 in our change management research series. Data presented here was collected via a commissioned market research survey of 320 global IT leaders. Click here to view the full report.

Change management for new software implementations is a very real challenge for most organizations, regardless of size or industry. And the ultimate goal is equally as common: get users to adopt the new software, and make sure they’re happy with it in the long run.

However, Nitro-commissioned research among more than 300 IT leaders around the world revealed a clear disconnect regarding the goals of change management and the strategies used to get there.

Challenges vs. goals
According to more than 50% of survey respondents, user resistance to change is a main challenge IT teams face when rolling out new software in their organizations. Separately, high user satisfaction emerged as the top success metric for change management initiatives (71%).

Taking both of those insights into consideration, it’s realistic that users not thrilled about adopting a new software wouldn’t say they’re highly satisfied with it. Therefore, IT leaders must address the challenge of resistance to have any chance of reaching their ultimate goal: happy users.

The disconnect
Survey respondents ranked onboarding and rollout support and user training—change management strategies capable of significantly moving the user satisfaction needle in the right direction, and at an early stage—among the least important factors in a software vendor’s portfolio of offerings.

So how can IT leaders reframe their approach to make their change management goals attainable?

Focus on the users
It’s essential to put more emphasis on communication, onboarding, and training. IT should work proactively with software vendors to create and execute a plan tailored to the unique needs of affected users. Making them aware of the reasons and benefits prompting the change, and ensuring the new tool won’t simply be thrown over the fence to them, will accelerate adoption and encourage higher satisfaction.

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