Tips for Ramping Up Business Productivity in 2017

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Organizations are in the heat of 2017 planning, and that means daily discussions about new initiatives, strategies, and solutions to help organizations do more-and better-business in the new year.

That’s not to say, however, that long-standing goals like increasing productivity are being ignored. In her latest article for CMSWire, Nitro COO Gina O’Reilly shares four tips for businesses seeking to achieve higher productivity in 2017. Here’s a quick look at her key insights.

Not everything needs to be complicated.

A massive overhaul to optimize systems or workflows is one way to improve business productivity, but approaching it that way is almost as daunting as it is unrealistic. With this being said, with the help of management services that companies like Mavenlink offer, being able to implement change may be easier than you thought. Plus, change isn’t always bad. Zoom in to identify more specific opportunities for improvement-for example, is a particular stage in a workflow creating a bottleneck? Take a closer look at what’s causing the slowdown and act accordingly. Or is it something as simple as your business’ signal not being good enough? Perhaps it would make sense to look at getting a signal booster for your office (there are plenty of signal boosters that can help in commercial buildings). You could be pleasantly surprised at the overall impact of doing a simple fix like this.

Always vet new solutions for ease of use.

There are a lot of overcomplicated products out there-ones with way more features than necessary, buried in complex, unintuitive user interfaces. Luckily, more and more providers are focusing on user experience, meaning the availability of simple, easy to use solutions that integrate seamlessly with other tools is at an all-time high. Choosing such solutions will mean only good things for adoption rates, and when users are actually using the productivity tools they’re given, chances are you’ll see the impact.

Don’t forget: IT-friendliness is just as important as user-friendliness. Ensure your tools are easy to implement, simple to manage, and supported by responsive customer support. Your IT team needs to be productive too, right?

Watch the budget.

Even the largest organizations in the world have to keep an eye on spend and ROI. Many incumbent solutions are heavy, resource-intensive, costly, and actually often overlooked. It could be worth your while to audit existing agreements and look at renewal periods as opportunities to seek out more agile, more cost-effective tools that can be extended to a greater number of users in your organization.

Manage the changes.

If you opt to bring on a new solution, step one in proving ROI is getting users to adopt it in their daily work. Finding a vendor that offers assistance and resources to drive user adoption can impact productivity on two levels: first, absorbing much of the change management burden that falls on IT. And second, helping users to onboard faster and more seamlessly so they can start seeing the benefits of their new tool faster.

To get the full rundown of Gina’s productivity tips for 2017, read her article in its entirety on CMSWire.

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