Case Study: Swiss Re Implements Nitro and Increases Efficiency for Over 9,000 Employees

The Challenge

Swiss Re is the world’s second largest re-insurer, operating in more than 25 countries with thousands of employees. When the company shifted all insurance contracts into electronic format, their entire employee base suddenly required digital document software. Their solution at the time was too expensive to enable widespread deployment, so they went in search of a PDF conversion, editing and collaboration tool that was more flexible, affordable and easier to use.

The Nitro Solution

“We wanted to give greater functionality to a higher number of users” said Heinz Urech, Expert in IT License Management and Vice President for Information Technology at Swiss Re.

The Nitro team worked directly with Swiss Re to adapt the software and meet their unique needs.

  • Swiss Re has its own processes and protocol for the widespread deployment of software, and Nitro worked with them to create a custom install package.
  • Nitro’s excellent customer success team made the initial deployment and ongoing adoption of the tool by over 9,000 employees quick and easy.
  • Nitro’s eSigning feature has opened up new possibilities for Swiss Re to help advance its digital transformation efforts.
  • The feedback has been so good from employees, Swiss Re renewed its initial three-year contract without any reservations.

The Results

  • Modernized insurance contract process
  • Increased collaboration across 9,000 employees
  • Reduced paper waste company-wide

“Nitro provides a powerful PDF tool for many users without the need for individual cost discussions.”
Heinz Urech, Expert IT License Management and Vice President for Information Technology at Swiss Re

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