Nitro Case Study: How ZFV Saved Hundreds of Hours (and Lowered Costs) by Switching to Nitro

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Nitro customer ZFV spoke with us about the impact our solution has had on their organization.

The Challenge

ZFV-Unternehmungen is a Swiss-based hotel and catering group that generates an annual turnover of CHF236 million. The company has 2,600 employees across more than 153 locations. Given this globally massive volume of people and contracts, it’s not surprising that ZFV needed a powerful, efficient and standardized tool for converting, editing and sharing PDF documents.

The Nitro Solution

“The relief among our employees has been great. Everyone is able to convert PDFs or add to them – as they want and when they want.” ~Gérard Korda, head of IT support, ZFV

What Nitro brought to the table was a great fit for ZFV’s needs:

  • Nitro’s lower cost enabled them to equip more employees with the tool they need to work with PDFs.
  • Powerful editing, correction, and annotation features make document management and collaboration efficient.
  • No training was required, so ZVF staff was able to use the new software immediately.
  • Nitro’s excellent support meant no time waiting for an issue to be resolved.

The Results

  • 300 hours per month saved
  • Increased efficiency among global teams
  • Zero time spent on deployment

“If you are looking for a reliable and qualified partner in this area there can only be one choice, and that is Nitro.” ~Gérard Korda, head of IT support, ZFV

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