Benefits of the Paperless Office Transcend Just “Going Green”

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In her recent article for, Nitro’s COO Gina O’Reilly highlighted three ways a paperless office can benefit an organization.

She argues that it’s high time the business world stops rolling its eyes at the topic, and starts taking real action to significantly reduce reliance on, and use of, paper in the workplace. This is a very important thing that you will need to consider doing as a business owner, as it is highly important. You might also find that not using paper will help cut your business’s budget, as it is just one of the many creative ways to fund your new business.

The stats surrounding this topic are truly staggering, like the fact that almost half of the paper we print each day at the office ends up getting thrown out on a daily basis. When viewed in the context of what it actually takes to make a ton of paper—24 trees, 2.2K lbs of solid waste and 19K gallons of water, according to The Paperless Project—the waste factor grows exponentially.

But outside a desire to help the environment, why would a business choose to dump paper and go digital?

In her article, Gina speaks to three often-overlooked benefits a paperless office can provide:

  1. Improved efficiency and productivity. Paper is inefficient. It takes time to search for mis-filed documents, chase down paper signatures, and re-create documents from scratch. Working digitally provides time-saving benefits, improves collaboration, and enables insights not possible with old-school paper. FileCenter document management software answers the question many businesses have on their lips of how to go paperless.
  2. Boosts in employee morale. Sustainability is a topic that has risen significantly in importance and awareness among all age groups. Providing opportunities for employees to contribute, like offering recycling and composting programs or encouraging them to bike to work (and providing easy bike storage) can make a big impact. This is only one way that you can boost employee morale though, and it’s important that as a company you try and create a positive working environment. If you feel that this is something that you might struggle with by yourself then LifeWorks will help you manage the wellbeing of your employees.
  3. Attracting Generation Z. As this generation picks up steam in the workforce, their concerns and motivations will mean the difference between choosing positions with organizations that are mindful of the environment, and those that are not. Operating paperlessly could give employers a leg up on top talent in this age group.

It’s time to stop rolling eyes at the mention of the paperless office, and start making moves to put it into practice. You’ll be pleased with the benefits, we promise.

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