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The Productivity Impact of Successful Digital Transformation


CIOs play an integral role in bridging the gap between IT and other departments, leveraging technology to support digital change and meet business objectives.

This strategy, referred to broadly as ‘Digital Transformation,’ has become a key focus for IT teams in companies large and small. The most successful CIOs will find impactful ways to approach and initiate it within their organizations.

Many CIOs believe that by focusing on Digital Transformation initiatives, digital revenues will grow by up to 37% in the next 5 years. According to IDC, Digital Transformation will be at the center of 67% of Global 2000 corporate strategies by 2018.

Implementing digital transformation enables organizations to more effectively engage with employees, suppliers and customers; therefore, true Digital Transformation must impact the day-to-day practices of each and every employee. To actively lead this transformation, CIOs will require support and alignment from key stakeholders and leaders in all departments within the business.

Digital Transformation Across Every Department

Successful Digital Transformation will enable your company to achieve the standardization of business practices across your entire organization, meaning every department can become more sustainable, productive, efficient, and secure. However, with such a far-reaching initiative, it’s imperative to start with the low-hanging fruit.

In organizations large and small, there often exists a great opportunity to initiate this digital change by modernizing the ways people edit, share, and collaborate on documents. It really all begins with the elimination of paper.

Using Nitro, you can easily replace paper and digitally transform your document workflows. Below, we’ve highlighted how digitizing document processes could increase productivity in your company across all departments:


  • Standardize document formats, including POs, invoices, and expenses
  • Use eSignatures for invoice processing and audit sign-offs
  • Create fillable forms for PO’s and expenses with document productivity software for quick turnaround


  • Collaborate better through simple annotation and version control capabilities
  • Use eSignatures for quick turnaround on event registrations, customer communications and vendor approvals
  • Use document productivity tools to quickly update presentations and collateral

Human Resources:

  • Share hiring and on-boarding documents with new team members quickly and easily
  • Use eSignatures for new hire paperwork and payroll forms

Customer Success:

  • Update training materials, user guides, and terms and conditions in PDF, or convert to another format
  • Process self-service and cancellation requests quickly


  • Protect all your legal documents including contracts, client data and confidential information
  • Ensure quick turnaround and compliance on IP licenses, patent applications and finance agreements with document productivity software


  • Consolidate and modify all business-critical documents, including floor plans, supplier agreement, and project management files


  • Accelerate the sales process by enabling quick collaboration and review of vital documents like quotes, contract and PO’s

Starting your Digital Transformation Journey

To achieve sweeping digital transformation, CIOs and their IT teams must re-evaluate current strategies and start to consider which online collaboration tools and methods will effectively help them manage their team and ensure that once they are in place, they help the transformation run as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Keep in mind that everyday tasks such as document creation, printing, scanning and emailing require attention during this transformative phase. Paper will continue to be a barrier to digital transformation unless knowledge workers are given the tools to replace it easily.

What are your suggestions for laying a solid foundation for your organization’s digital transformation journey? Please share them in the comments section below!

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