Turning your Employees Into Effective Talent Ambassadors

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Last week, our Director of Talent, Jennifer Trendler, spoke at the Glassdoor Rebels of Recruiting Roadshow tour in San Francisco. Jennifer shared a little bit about our fast-paced hiring climate—in 2014 we hired 80+ people, thus far in 2015 we’ve hired 50+ people, and as of today, we have 200 Employees across 5 locations worldwide.

So, how do we meet our ambitious (and global!) hiring goals in an incredibly competitive market? We start by turning all of our employees into Talent Ambassadors. Here’s how:

1. Establish a Talent Philosophy.

At Nitro, we believe in 3 core values: high performance, no bullshit and be good. This is who we are and this is who we look to hire. We know that talent is the best determinant of a company’s long term success, and we believe that working at Nitro is a career defining opportunity.

Also, we use technology to work more efficiently and effectively (after all, we are a technology company). So go out there, research, and demo, demo, demo! Find technology that works for you and enables your team to be more productive. Team it with traditional methods like an employee evaluation form to make sure everyone is on track throughout their employee life cycle; it can be easy to become complacent.

2. Utilize your Employment Brand.

We utilize Glassdoor, Twitter, LinkedIn, the Muse, and Talent-focused blog posts (case in point!) to talk about who we are as an employer. We use GaggleAmp and RolePoint to boost employee engagement and to get our employees talking about who we are as an employer. The more employees are engaged, the more comfortable they will feel and in turn, their productivity will be higher. Implementing employee engagement programs will only make your workforce better. Ultimately, the end goal of our Employment Brand is to reach, then hire, great people.

3. Launch a Talent Ambassador Program.

Start teaching your employees from day 1! We start talking about this program at onboarding – we go over tools, terms and conditions, and the “do’s and don’ts” of being a Talent Ambassador.

4. Realize that your efforts are continuous, and don’t have an end.

That means, reinforce the program! Launch some contests around referrals, acknowledge your active Talent Ambassadors at team meetings or on social networks, and lastly – celebrate, often! Take a look at https://www.promotionchoice.com/categories/Home/Health-Beauty/Promotional-Lip-Balms/ for event props.

The Nitro Talent Team

We’re all wearing multiple hats, we’re all really busy, and we all could use an extra pair of hands, but there’s no time for excuses. We’re a lean, mean Talent Team (there’s only 4 of us!) and we’re staunch believers that if your employees love where they work and what they do—then they’re your secret weapon to winning the war for talent.

Check out the recording of Jennifer’s session to hear her expand on these awesome tips for turning your employees into effective talent ambassadors, and find us on Twitter @NitroHQ to stay connected!

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